Anxiety during Covid lockdown causes an exclusion in life insurance + serious illness cover

Hi all members,

First of all, thanks for approving my membership. I have been following and reading MSE for a long time. I recently stuck with life insurance + serious illness cover issue, hope fellow members can help please.

For my daughter and family, I plan to buy Vitality life insurance + serious illness cover. I followed MSE recommendation and used Cavendish Online and Moneyworld to get a quote and plan to buy the insurance. I am a perfectly healthy person, just did a half marathon early this year.

When I fill in the questionnaires, I have one issue. During Covid lockdown, I faced family issue and lockdown - I could not meet anyone, I got anxiety. I contacted my GP, they arranged a community psychiatric for me (Starfish Health & Wellbeing - a Community Interest Company working to support and improve the wellbeing). I had a few sessions and things got better. The last video call therapy session was Aug 2020.

I declared this condition as below.

Because of this, Vitality accepts my application with exclusion below.

I feel this is unfair, because my anxiety was caused by sudden prolong Covid lockdown. Since I adjusted my lifestyle and I am perfectly ok now. I talked Vitality customer service, they said I highlighted mental health issue, then they have to exclude it. They won't consider the lockdown effect, it is a "take it" or "leave it" offering.

Probably, the very last resort was I wait for 2 years because I need not declare this issue after >5 years. Then I come back again to buy this insurance.

But, I hope to buy now, because buying at younger age is cheaper. Is there anything I can do to appeal this outcome please?



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    Go to a proper broker and get a quote. My wife has depression and anxiety and its not excluded.

    Personally I use Cura Insurance 
    FTB - April 2020 
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    A similar thing happened to me during Lockdown as well. At the time I was living on my own and commuting into an office every day. Come Lockdown and I was spending weeks and months on my own and going some days without speaking to anyone, it hit me hard mentally so I contacted my GP and was prescribed anti-depressants to help regulate my mood which worked o.k but the twice-daily 5K runs I started doing were more effective so I stopped taking them after a few months.
    Fast-forward to last year and I was buying a house with my girlfriend who I'd met towards the end of Lockdown and wanting the security of a joint LA policy, I went via Cavendish. Same thing happened, except in my case they said all their providers declined to insure me.

    I started my own search and found LV were willing to provide cover with no caveats, albeit the premiums were double over what I'd seen online with Cavendish. It was a pretty lengthy process as well, they wrote to my GP for my medical records and we both had to answer very lengthy questionaires.

    It may be an option if you really don't want this exclusion which I think is OTT.
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