What is Costco good value for?

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We used to go to Costco purely for meat and huge supplies is toilet roll, then get the rest of the items from Asda.
As time has gone on we appear now to be getting the entire weekly shop from Costco.
Must admit I'm not convinced we're saving on most of our items so thought I'd ask on here if anyone has done any comparisons with Costco and standard supermarkets.?

Interested to know where the good deals typically are and where they are more expensive?

Thanks in advance 


  • MrsStepford
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    We buy canned organic Italian chopped tomatoes by the tray, organic Extra Virgin olive oil in 1.5 litre bottles, big bags of nuts. Good for electrical stuff e.g. tower fans way cheaper than Amazon. 
  • XzavierWalnut
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    Love their trays of lasagne, tastes as good as any restaurant I have been too, and a good price.
    The wines that they sell are cheaper than Makro for the same brands. Not as cheap as when the supermarkets have the 25% off.
    The fuel is cheap as well.
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    For me it’s more about quality which to me equals value for money anything with the Kirkland brand on it is top quality also the pastry items and cakes are scrummy.
  • jon81uk
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    Toilet roll is a good price, raw chicken breast is great quality and cheaper than Tesco, frozen breaded chicken is good when on offer, sometimes cans of Pepsi are better than supermarkets.

    need to check what is currently on offer at Tesco/Asda and whether their offer price is better than the Costco price a lot. 

    Of course fuel is almost always a great price at Costco.
  • Rosa_Damascena
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    PLRFD said:
    For me it’s more about quality which to me equals value for money anything with the Kirkland brand on it is top quality also the pastry items and cakes are scrummy.
    That in itself is a reason to avoid Costco. If I buy it, I'm going to eat it and baked goodies are difficult to resist!
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  • New_in_the_fens
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    Costco muffins freeze really well. They are huge though, so I cut them into 4, put grease proof paper between each slice and defrost for 30 mins on the side when I fancy a treat. Wonderful! 
  • Any
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    I buy the part baked ciabattas a lot. They last a long time and it is nice to have sandwich with still warm bread at the weekend. And it is very good price against supermarket.
    Also buy marmelade - great value, pasta when on offer, chopped tomatoes, eye lense liquid - cheapest I ever found, tuna chunks in brine, frozen prawns and scampi.
    Second the chicken breast (fresh) and often they have salmon on offer. Great quality and god size, not the tiny sliver from supermarket!
    I always look at what is on offer that month.
    I also like their clothes-this year I got obsessed with their ankle lenght summer trousers and have them in all colours!
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