Hive to remotely switch off certain cameras and smart devices by 2025 including three this summer

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edited 9 August 2023 at 8:25AM in Consumer rights
Smart home tech provider Hive is to switch off the technology for three of its smart devices this summer, leaving you unable to use them. A number of other products – including security devices and leak sensors – will be disconnected by 2025.

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Hive to remotely switch off certain cameras and smart devices by 2025 including three this summer — here are your rights

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  • nrmsmith
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    Spent a fortune on hive stuff a few years back; glad I didn’t expand it at all since then.  Threw it all away last year same time I got rid of a load of other tech crap including Alexa.  Good riddance Hive. I go regularly walking now and am a lot happier with with a home that isn’t full of tech gadgets. Don’t even watch TV anymore. Life is a lot better. 
  • badmemory
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    It is all about the money.  It is why some things will never really be viable & don't get me started on google now owning fitbit.  I wouldn't bother unless you really want to pay a monthly fee.
  • RefluentBeans
    It’s the issue with closed ecosystems. If you require the device to talk to the network and some server for it to function and there’s no way for it to operate locally, you should be nervous. Already seeing stories about Amazon suspending the account of someone for a perceived racial slur to an Amazon delivery person (it wasn’t, it was just a greeting someone misheard because they had headphones on). That guy couldn’t use his smart locks and got shut out. 

    It shouldn’t be down to Amazon or other companies if your devices work or not. If you buy a device, it should be up to you how you use it. Of course using a server may require a subscription (that’s fine) but if you own the device then you should be able ti use it locally. Imagine buying a car that came with a mandatory servicing contract and that if you stopped paying the servicing fee your car refused to switch on! Ludicrous. Right to repair and right to operate our modern devices should be legalisation passed to prevent this bad faith acting. 
  • sheramber
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    My son's Hive was switched off last weekend. 

    He had not been notified, despite BG insisting they had sent him notice.

    On checking, BG admitted they had not sent him emails advising him and , as a result,  they are sending a free new one.

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