NHS recruitment

Why is NHS recruitment so slow? 

I’m about 6 weeks after being offered the job, everything says complete on Trac.
I have emailed recruitment to ask if there is anything else they need from me, they responded with they would get back to me regarding next steps in due course. 

Any idea what the delay is? Thank you 


  • turnitround
    turnitround Forumite Posts: 644
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    Could they be waiting for references?
  • Immy697
    Immy697 Forumite Posts: 7
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    Could they be waiting for references?
    According the system all references are complete, and I know when I last spoke them a couple of weeks ago, it was just one reference and dbs they was waiting for, the reference came in not long after and dbs was last week! 
  • Immy697
    Immy697 Forumite Posts: 7
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    Anyone else have a idea?
  • howlsatthemoon
    howlsatthemoon Forumite Posts: 68
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    Had a couple of guys start with us.1 had his interview in May 2022 didn't get a start date till October 2022 the other had his interview in August 2022 didn't get a start date till February 2023. It seems normal for NHS to take a long time to start anyone, don't know the reason for this.
  • annabanana82
    annabanana82 Forumite Posts: 2,832
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    It's the public sector, it has always been slower than industry, but all areas seem to be struggling with reduced resources and increasing workloads so it has only got worse. 

    My part of the CS I've known people wait almost 12 months from interview to starting 

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  • Flugelhorn
    Flugelhorn Forumite Posts: 4,939
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    always used to reckon that they were happy to let it drift along in the financial year to save some money - might not be the case here 
  • gwynlas
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    It can be useful to have your manager on board in pushing for a start date. HR staff are not twiddling their thumbs but are employed by the whole organisation not just one department and therefor eberything takes its turn similarly to solicitors in house purchases.
  • TheSpiddalKid
    TheSpiddalKid Forumite Posts: 81
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    Sometimes, role depending, it can also be getting you booked onto an induction which may cause a delay. The best advice, as given already, is to contact your future line manager. 
  • Purplelady65
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    Unfortunately a lot of HR departments in the NHS are struggling to recruit to vacancies within their own recruitment teams as people can earn more in recruitment in the private sector. I work in the NHS and some recent vacancies within the recruitment team haven’t attracted any applicants at all. In addition turnover within the NHS has risen so recruitment teams are busier than ever recruiting to the additional vacancies caused by people leaving from across the organisation. I would advise you to contact your line manager and explain the situation and also copy them into any correspondence with the recruitment team. Hopefully the line manager can help to move things along. 
  • honeybee2345
    honeybee2345 Forumite Posts: 21
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    Hi I got offered a new job in the NHS October 2021 and only started the first week in January 2022 so they are a long time getting everything set up.  I hope your start date is soon 
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