Tesco no show Worth a whinge?

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£200 Groceries Delivery was booked for Saturday Eve, we had 2x SMS saying it would be late.
We've had no communication from them at all.
I've phoned a few times, they're apologetic but couldn't even contact the shop, or tell me anything.

When I called today (Monday) I was finally told it was cancelled and I'd get a refund in due course.
I'm disabled, I can't pop to the shops.
They sent me a £15 voucher.
Annoyed - breakdowns happen but silence shouldn't.

Is it worth moaning further?


  • jon81uk
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    I doubt you'll get more than the £15. Could try for more if it will cost you a significant amount for a new delivery slot.
  • sarah1972
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    No it’s not worth moaning further. You’re very lucky you got £15 ! 

    It’s happened to me a few times over the years and I’ve only ever had £5 apologies. 
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  • gascar
    gascar Forumite Posts: 19
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    I'll change provider.
    Just ignoring your order, not turning up without communicating, is not acceptable.
  • jjmmww1
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    Had a simliar situation where the van suffered " 2 breakdowns" and never arrived and when they rung they said i could either come pick it up or ring up customer services to see if theres anything else they could do. Opted to ring customer services but they had already canceled it after they hung up the phone so lost shopping that day after about a week of back and forth email with ceo tesco email i got a £25 or £35 voucher from them.

    I no longer use tesco either due to there prices and poor delivery service for some reason now as constantly keep getting late vans when this never use to happen.
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  • Chrysalis
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    They really need capacity in the system to take the slack for things like break downs, I think the £15 voucher is more than most get, most seem to just get a sorry but tough luck.

    I had a missed delivery from tesco or asda once (cant remember which) where the driver went back mid run because his shift ended, that was pretty bad and they were not even apologetic.

    The only company that seems 100%, and will try the extra mile to get to me is ocado (who also do morrisons in some areas), I had a guy turn up 90 mins late after a break down and he couldnt stop apologising, my response was I appreciate you still came which is what matters.  Also when council setup unannounced major roadworks requiring a huge diversion, I was able to talk the delivery driver through how to get to me (again ocado/morrisons).  

    A fair few posts on social media for asda orders that dont even get picked.  Staff replying on those posts saying they wont pick all orders due to an ongoing dispute with asda management over manning levels. O_o

    So yeah feel free to whinge, let off that steam, but I think the £15 is as good as you will get. :)
  • dealyboy
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    OP ... nice whinge.

    They let you down, take £200, and don't communicate ... disgraceful. I don't care if this is par for the course with supermarket deliveries, it is unacceptable.

    The standard recompense should be reimbursement x 2, that would learn 'em.  :|
  • Murphybear
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    I find the supermarket responses to problems vary hugely.  My experience has been both Waitrose and M & S respond quickly and reimburse the cost plus additional cash.  Morrisons offered to send me a voucher but that was 4 years ago, I’m still waiting :D.  I had quite a lot of problems with Tesco and despite my polite and tactful emails the only response I got was “sorry to hear about your problems”, no refund or compensation.  Rarely shop in Asda or Aldi as they are too far.  I stopped shopping in Lidl after a small electrical item exploded and I was lucky not to get injured.  They gave me my money back with a cursory apology but didn’t remove the item for sale.  
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