Pre Employment Screening (Vero)

Just accepted a new job after being in my current job for almost 10 years. 

Got the screening details through and it's asking for school records. Honestly this was 25 years ago and certificates have long been lost. 

I have completed to the best of my memory. My grades were not great and is what it is so not trying to make myself any better but I may have said I got a 3 grade when I had a grade 4 but also I may have said I got a 4 when actually got a 3.

I'm a massive overthinker and a worrier so wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience of this? Would like to think something from 25 years ago could maybe work against me? 

Btw this job is in financial services and not with a Government body or anything like that. 

Thanks in advance


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    Some schools will reissue grade certificates if requested.  Assuming you remember enough about the school and it still exists of course.  

    Personally I doubt they will check but you might decide you want to let them know you were working from memory.  And if you have subsequent qualifications the earlier ones become less significant.  

    Must admit I did have an issue with a similar thing when I last had a job in finance.  They checked up on my uni degrees and wrote to get confirmation from them expecting a response within a week.  My second week in the job I was called to a meeting to say there was a problem due to them not getting anything back (assumption being I had lied).  Turns out some dweeb in HR had quite literally written to the university simply giving the name of the school and the country where is was located (not UK) - so no city, no post code and not sent air mail.....("we don't do that").  Fortunately on my last visit home prior to starting the role my mom had insisted I take a load of old paperwork back with me which included all my transcripts.  Crisis avoided!!!
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    They are probably far more concerned that you’re not fibbing about any degree or qualifications since then than they are about any grades you got at GCSE. 
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    In my experience (managing a screening vendor) candidates are required to be as truthful as possible for all areas inc

    - right to work
    -  employment history (any gap of more than a month needs to accounted for and references will be checked and bank account statements to evidence that you're not hiding any previous employment that you were dismissed from), and presentation of passport if you say you were out of country
    - any ccjs
    - any directorships
    - highest academic qualification and or professional qualification is key usually, not an o level in geography in 1983 (I scraped a C as it happens)

    Screening is comprehensive.

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