Faulty car on finance help please

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I recently bought a jag e pace 2018.  Upon driving the vehicle home I noticed a warning light on the dashboard. The car was arranged to go back anyway to have a few scratches fixed anyway so I mentioned this to them about the light . 

Once the car had gone back the garage for the scratches and was returned to me the warning light was still on. 

Long story short the garage which is 35 miles away from me and I have drove back and fourth around 6 times , they provided a diagnostics.

They said a new dpf filter was needed. I was going on holiday a few days later so they agreed I could drive the car and have the new filter fitted when I returned off holiday. The new dpf filter was fitted on the 14th June and the warning light went off. Until 11th July when the light returned. I purchased a warranty so I booked the car in to a Halfords garage to have the fault looked at. They confirmed it was a Dpf fault and I needed to return the vehicle to the garage which done the work. I said is it ok to drive and they said yes. So I emailed garage and they booked the car in for Friday 21st June. 

I drove the car to wales on Sunday and on the way back the car went into limp mode and a warning came on exhaust filter full. I had my 3 year old son in the back and I couldn’t get any power in the car. This was extremely dangerous I was really scared and had to drive home with my warning lights on. I couldn’t drive the usual motorway speed it was really scary. 

I emailed the car company saying I do not want this car. I want a swap or a refund. I don’t want the same car as I’ve lost my faith in jags. The whole experience has put me off ever getting one again. I said I cannot drive the vehicle they need to arrange a pick up to take it the garage.

Anyway they said they couldn’t do that and the current situation is my warranty sent out a AA van to take the vehicle away to the garage. The garage does not know when it will have time to look at the fault. I’m assuming Friday as that was the date it was originally booked in. I do not want this car back. I want to swap for another car on finance or a refund.

Please can you help me on what to do next. I cannot get a courtesy car until the garage had looked at it and has had 8 hours of repair work on it.

 Another thing I was told it had 2 keys and I’ve just paid £600 deposit on a spare key for a car I don’t even want.

The car reg has been cloned which i have a crime reference number for it’s just been one thing after another.

My agreement number is (Removed by Forum Team). 

Thank you 


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    You might want to reformat that and take out your credit agreement number....
  • Ayr_Rage
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    @Needadvice23 your post is impossible to read in that format.

  • Needadvice23
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    Hi this has been updated now thanks. 
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    On what date did you buy the car?
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    20th may. I have rang my finance company and they have opened a case. I said ideally a refund if not a swap even though I don’t even trust the dealership I bought it from. Heard back finally today of the garage a faulty sensor on the dpf. They asked can they keep it overnight to run some more tests I said test it as much as you like I am not keeping it. I have lost all faith in this car and I would literally be waiting for the next problem to occur. They said they will pass message on to the assistant manager. 
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    I don't like queries about second-hand cars as opposed to other goods, but if there has already been one failed repair attempt and the car was only bought less than two months ago, can't the OP simply exercise the final right to reject under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (legislation.gov.uk) ?

    (I'm aware that - even though it's within six months of purchase - as it's a car the refund can be reduced to reflect the OP's use of it since 20th May)
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    There are a lot of things that can cause a DPF regen to fail or not happen. How many miles do you do at a time? do you keep your tank above 1/4 full, Do you do lots of small journeys? Are there any pending errors in the ECU? Diesels with DPF are only any good on long runs and no good round the door - if you do lots of miles and keep the tank full, and have no pending issues then yes there is something wrong. Have they checked to see if regens are taking place? or have they tried a forced regen?
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