Final Settlement Fee For My Item That Didn’t Complete Transaction

Hey All , I would appreciate a little advice please.

Firstly I have been a member of Ebay for 22 years by far as a buyer and have only listed and sold a handful of small value items , In April of this year I listed an item of HiFi equipment , later that month the BIN price was accepted and I was in the process of packaging the item when I was taken very ill and was admitted to hospital for several weeks during which time I was incapable of dealing with anything for the first month and then not in any condition to spend time on the internet let alone Ebay.

Late June and feeling a little more up to dealing with Ebay I was informed by Ebay that in my absence the buyer had raised a dispute which Ebay found in his favour and had refunded the buyer, *** The Item Was Not Sent To The Buyer*** I felt bad as my 100% feedback on the few sales that I had made were cordial and problem free.

I was then informed that as I had not contacted the buyer during the period of the dispute that Ebay were charging me the final selling fee that I would have accrued had the transaction completed Viz £186 .

I contacted an Ebay representative on three separate occasions explaining my circumstances and on each occasion informed that they understood my ill health circumstances and that they would move my case up the line for evaluation .

Each time was followed by further emails requesting the payment … I felt fundamentally that I was being penalised over something that I had no control over and that I thought it most unfair and would not pay for a service that had not taken place.

Long story short the matter has escalated through selling sanctions to account suspension to vailed threats of further action to recover the amount that I feel that Ebay are extorting from me.

I would appreciate a little guidance whether this is legal behaviour by Ebay and what are my options other than paying the funds for a service that I had not received !!!

Thank you in advance.


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    Firstly I am sorry to hear you were unwell and hope you are now recovering.

    This is not an unusual occurrence, many years ago my sister was blue lighted to hospital and was actually trying to persuade the person accompanying  them to send me her ebay password (and her Amazon one) so I could remove any listings and refund any sales, that's how worried she was! 

    Unfortunately the terms and conditions on ebay do allow for fees to be changed where a seller fails to respond and successfully defend any claim.

    However, there is no documented evidence that I have ever seen to suggest that ebay ever go to court. They will appoint debt collectors so you may have to fend them off for a while , but it is likely that ultimately the matter will be dropped.

    However your account is now lost, the moment you try and use it again any funds received will be taken against the debt. If you try and open a new account or if anyone that ebay believe is closely associated with you, then you risk that being suspended as well and possibly funds held.
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  • @soolin , Thank you for your kind consideration :) and your advice , yes I am slowly getting there. 

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    Yeah, while I appreciate your situation and would think that Ebay may have offered some goodwill I don't think there's any legal comeback. I suppose from their side there's probably a feeling that if 'i went to hospital' is a get out then everyone would say it. At the end of the day you entered a contract and didn't fulfil it - not your fault, but also not the fault of your buyer or Ebay. 

    I'd say at least you're healthy now and if your Ebay account isn't valuable to you then it seems you can just write it off, if it is valuable to you then pay whats owed if you can to recover it.  
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