Taxi/cab price comparison?

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I'm going to a wedding in West London, and need a cab back to Surrey -- about 20 miles, just after midnight.

Is there an easy way to find the cheapest cab firm?  Or do I have to ring round and get individual quotes?
I've never used Uber -- it looks like you can reserve a cab, but can't see how much it will actually cost in advance...?

Any tips for booking a cheap cab? Thanks! :-)


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    If you reserve an Uber it gives you a fare estimate. I think you do pay a fiver extra to reserve one though. Best option is just to google nearby taxi companies and see if you can book one. 
  • MilesT6060842
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    I have had repeated poor luck in North London Zone 2 (near to Zone 1) with Uber honouring bookings made in some time advance, 3 separate journeys cancelled within 10 minutes of the requested pickup time.  Your experience with Uber (and similar services like FreeNow) may vary.

    And that time demand may be high (depending on the day) so Uber (and similar) booked when you want to leave won't be cheap anyway.

    Really no such thing as a cheap cab/private hire late at night, just marginally less expensive ones.

    You may do better to plan to get as close to your destination as possible by public transport and then book a local cab from there (use traditional websites like Yell to find local numbers if you can't get close to destination).  If you can get to Heathrow from your wedding using an ordinary cab, you may be able to get the Railair bus to Woking (which is in Surrey, although maybe not the right part).

    Or book a private hire from your destination to come 20 miles in to collect you and take you back.  Get some quotes for that before trying to get a quote from West London outwards, ultimately may be more reliable and cheaper.  Would be a bit like an airport run for Heathrow (also West London).
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    Thanks.  Now you mention it, I remember friends having problems with pre-booked Ubers.  It sounds like nothing is actually booked, and you have the luck of the draw on the night.

    I found this on Tripadvisor: The 10 Best Surrey Taxis & Shuttles

    And I realised I could use Google Maps to find taxi firms (duh).  As you say, it looks like the quotes are pretty similar.

    Much appreciated :-)
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    To answer your exact question, and aggregator like Minicabit would be what you're looking for. This and similar services won't provide a full price comparison though.

    The reality is that you're probably cheaper calling a few local firms on the night if you're unsure. When in the trade the only problem that larger vehicles (I was typically the only 6 seat vehicle available between 1 and 4am for example, and that was only when I could be bothered as I owned and managed both the office and another business too, so at maximum 3-4 nights a month unless pre-booked).

    Going rate these days will be minimum £2/mile for something like this, possibly a bit more if traffic is involved, so budget £40-50. If you can get cheaper, perfect, but likely this will be difficult.
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    I travel from Huddersfield to Cheadle weeky by train. 
    During train strikes I use a taxi. 
    Local firm Huddersfield to Cheadle £'s app 35 miles. 
    Journey back using Cheadle taxis £120 
    Can only be a more affluent area. 
    I of course use Huddersfield firm now both same price on Christmas day 
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