basic to higher rate taxpayer due to CGT

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Apologies if already discussed but I didn't see a relevant topic in this subforum and I am highly confused from online sources.

I am aware that even 0%-taxed savings interest below £1k can push a taxpayer in the higher rate and create a tax event due to the reduced allowance. Would the same apply for capital gains, falling within the CGT allowance?

So assume a vanilla taxpayer with an income of £50k this tax year. The individual disposes an ETF with capital gains of say £5k, below the allowance. However would this additional capital gains be added to the general income and hence resegment this basic taxpayer into the higher rate?


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    The answer is No! If the gain was over the CGT allowance, the amount in excess of that would create the result that you describe. 

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    The amount of income determines the rate of capital gains tax, but the amount of capital gain can never affect the rate of income tax.
  • Imvrasos
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    Many thanks to both posters, purdyoaten2 and Jeremy535897 for the direct clarity. I interpret the reasoning as savings interest being seen as 'income' and hence wholesomely affecting the income tax segment (and not just its non-0% amount) which isn't the case for capital gains.

    I presume dividends are treated similarly to interest then, to be added to general income even when they are below the allowance of £1k, this year?
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