Making a Will - Plane on the woolpack scenario



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    And there's no magic about the period being 28 days, it's just a rough estimate of how long you want to allow for e.g. someone lying in hospital with ultimately fatal injuries.
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    We have recently been to see a solicitor about making a will. He is in the process of drawing it up. One thing he mentioned to us was what he called 'the disaster at the Woolpack - when a plane fell onto the pub in Emmerdale'  killing several people. We'd not even thought about what did we do if all our heirs had perished with us. Whilst I realise this is probably unlikely we'll all go that way, I just wanted to check that I'm correct in thinking that in that case the youngest is deemed to have died last?

    Our current situation is me, DH, DS aged 23 getting married this year - our will includes any children he may go on to have in the event he dies before we do, DD aged 20, currently single, no children.

    Still alive in our family is both my parents and my FIL. My great-grandma, both me and DH have a sister each, both sisters have adult children.       
    If you all die at the same time (although in the eyes of the law you can't!), the most useful clause you can have in a will is a survivorship clause - something along the lines of  leaving bequests to x, y and z 'provided they survive me by [28 clear days]' or whatever period you fancy.
    This was mentioned but I think it got a bit lost in everything we were thinking of - why 28 days survival - could you explain more please? 
    Simply to avoid the administrative chaos and uncertainty which would ensue where you leave assets to people who are already dead - especially if one or more hasn't made a will.

    There's nothing special about 28 days; it can be whatever period you choose.
    Googling on your question might have been both quicker and easier, if you're only after simple facts rather than opinions!  
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    Thank you for the replies, it's helped decide what we're probably going to do. 
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