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Hi everyone, 

I was hoping someone might have some information on this. I had a very large amount in energy credit (c. £1500), which as per Martin's advice I sought to request either a full or partial return of. However, when a new bill was generated as part my recent billing cycle, my credit had entirely disappeared (and am now c. £100 in debit). When I told this to EDF, their response was just that I don't have any credit according to this latest information and therefore there is nothing to refund.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what might have happened here, and if I would be able to get any of my previously identified credit back?

I pay by direct debit each month.

Thanks very much all. 


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    Your DD is a contribution to the bill. EDF bill every 6 months. Your credit of £1500 will not have had a bill raised against it. They have raised a bill (presumably based on accurate meter reads) and used your credit to settle and given you the balance remaining as either a debit or credit.

    In your case you are in Debt so there is no money left to refund.

    Assuming the bills are accurate then all seems to be correct.
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    A credit/debit balance is valid for one day only. For it to be accurate, it must be based on actual meter readings. 

    By the sound of it, you were not billed for some months. Now that charges have been raised you need to look at your latest bill. Make sure that actual meter readings have been used: if not then call your supplier with actual meter readings and ask them to re-bill. This will give you a better idea as to whether your account is still in credit.
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    From what you have said it sounds as though your monthly direct debit has not be enough to cover the amount of energy you have used, hence why you are now in debit.

    It sounds as though you are on a 6 monthly billing cycle so your direct debit amounts have been applied to your account (which is why you thought you were £1500 in credit) but then when the bill has been produced there has not been enough credit on your account to cover the bill amount.

    Look at your bill and check that the meter readings are correct and that they are actual readings not estimated readings.
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    EDF's app is confusing.

    It show's the DD received plus and credit/debit from the last bill - it does not show the cost of energy used.

    The general advice is to keep your own records on a spreadsheet   and do some simple calculations.
    Never pay on an estimated bill
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    Another option is to move to a supplier who does monthly billing.
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    Thanks everyone. 
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    As you are already with EDF ask to be moved to Monthly Whole Bill DD.  You give them a reading once per month, they bill you and take the actual amount 10 working days later.  Bigger bills in winter, bonus of nice small ones in summer.  Build up a money pot in your own savings account (put the fixed DD amount you would normally pay to EDF in there each month) ready to pay those winter bills, but also keep a spreadsheet of consumption so you know where you are heading and can adjust your savings figure.  

    BTW If you don't trust yourself not to dip into the savings pot for a treat, I understand you can make a payment to your EDF account at anytime towards your next bill.

    I was with SSE last year, on whole bill quarterly system.  They moved my to OVO who wanted obscene amount of FDD from me.  Had I not moved to EDF they would by now have taken over £2200 from me, whilst my actual costs, after applying the EBSS, WFA & Council Tax rebate have so far since October depleted less than £60 from my income/savings.
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