Running club BBQ: hints and tips welcome!



  • Paspatur
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    You definitely learn something new every day
    I have never heard of a meat allergy but now know about alpha-gal allergy caused by ticks sparking an allergy to red meat
    My sister has been vegetarian for 40 years and she would certainly be intolerant (e.g. upset tummy) if she inadvertently ate meat but not allergic
    She doesn't care much about cross contamination, her other half is a carnivore and they have a small kitchen
    One thing I do note compared to modern day vegetarians is that she has never eaten 'pretend meat' sausages, mince, bacon etc.
    In fact she has an objection to these as to her a sausage is not veggie even if it is
    She will have eaten veggie burgers but homemade not shop bought
    If we bbq she just throws on veg and maybe halloumi and eats all the salads and side dishes
    Different strokes for different folks :)

  • oystercatcher
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    I wouldn't eat veggie food cooked on the same barbeque as meat ...yuck ! 

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    you can bbq slices of haloumi cheese for vegetarians.  But I think that you do need to lay your hands on at least 1 more large BBQ.  Do any other club members have one they can bring?  Surely they aren't expecting you to do it all yourself?
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    All sounds delicious.
    Don't dress the green salad - it will go wilty and sad and it will be fine 'naked' if it's to go with other food.
    Just keep one end of the BBQ grill for the veggies and vegans to avoid cross contamination if a meaty sausage sticks to the bars.
  • hadid21
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    For vegan sausages, check with local supermarkets or specialty stores that offer a range of plant-based products. They may have good bulk options available. Costco can also be a good choice for purchasing items like paper plates, disposable cutlery, and other supplies in bulk at a reasonable cost. Compare prices online and in-store to determine the most cost-effective option. What is the most useful for me in costco is that you can even Order Costco Party Platters, when you have a last-minute party to organize.

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