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Solar Immersion and Hot Fill Washing Machine

I'm working on a new solar PV installation and have opted for a hot water cylinder and Solar Immersion Controller (a Solic 200).
I would like to connect a washing machine to fill from the hot water cylinder and make the best of the 'free' hot water. The problem I am finding is a lack of options, as most washing machines now seem to be cold water fill only.
There is one company producing hot fill washing machines www.Ebac.com but they do not have an integrated version to fit my kitchen. I have emailed the Energy Saving Trust but no answer.
Any ideas please? Thanks


  • DullGreyGuy
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    edited 5 June 2023 at 10:44PM
    They seem to have gone out of fashion for both washers and dishwashers... looking at a high end brand its only their £2,500+ models that take a hot water feed. Even then it's only on a hot wash that it makes a massive difference. The difference on a cool wash is small (0.2KWH per wash)
  • Alnat1
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    30C washes are now the new normal, better for the planet, so need minimum water heating. We do a "boil up" cleaning cycle every couple of months and choose a sunny day to do it.

    Probably not worth all the extra spend on an expensive hot fill machine unless you do frequent very hot washes but I doubt you'd get ROI over the machine life.
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  • NobbyTucker
    They seem to have gone out of fashion for both washers and dishwashers.
    We have taken the plunge on an energy efficient dishwasher, having refused one for years on energy/water waste grounds. With a fill of 9 litres, it is less than a sinkful.
    We do 4 low temperature loads and one high each week, so I wanted to try!
    Ebac hot fill machines are from £499 so affordable but do not have an integrated version.
  • Exiled_Tyke
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    edited 6 June 2023 at 2:51PM
    When I enquired about this issue (some years ago) the point was made to me that for many homes (mine included) hot-fill appliances were a waste of time (and money) because of running so much cold water into the machine before it gets to the hot.  With modern appliances using even less water than before this probably even more of an issue now.   If you have a hot tap right next to the machine you could run the cold water through first but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't remember to do this. 
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  • QrizB
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    Any ideas please? Thanks

    I have a cold fill machine but, for at least six months of the year, can do laundry when the sun shines without significant electricity import. And my array is quite small by modern standards.
    Taking ETs comments about cooled water in the hot fill line into account, and the prevalence of 30 or 40 degree washes, this is likely to work for you too.
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  • BossBob
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    It is a case of playing Apollo 13 and working out what you can use with what, and when, without tipping the inverter into pulling current from the grid. While I do have the added advantage of a battery, I can do laundry OR wash dishes. Once the grill/oven is up to temperature for croissants I can then make coffee or tea, but not before. I see the occasional spike as the grid takes the load before the inverter takes over but only used 5.28kWh for the whole of May and the highest daily use 0.34kWh.
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  • NobbyTucker
    Thanks everyone!
    I was planning on running the sink tap before putting the washer on, but it is a good call that in the middle of a sunny day, there is likely to be only low/no electric draw from the grid.
    With no economic integrated hot-fill machines available anyway, an energy efficient cold-fill seems like the way to go. Thanks again!
  • silverwhistle
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    I fill a watering can (without a rose!!) with hot water and put that in my machine via the soap tray. Running the tap first to get to temperature goes to watering the garden. It knocks about 15 minutes off an 80 minute cycle.
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