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Using Pallet's to Deliver PC's

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I was wondering about customers experiences in this area. To my knowledge they are still only used for water cooled PC's and are an effective way of getting the PC to the customer.

But there are issues. When delivered have you had it delivered to your Flat door or just the foyer? Water-cooled PC's are heavy yet they are not always delivered to your door. If they need returning for repairs are you supposed to keep the large wooden pallet to return it and get it back to the foyer by yourself? I have heard of issues like this and it is putting me off buying a water-cooled PC. Especially as any issues are hard to sort out in the home and a return for repair is likely.


  • Neil_Jones
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    Sorry I'm confused.

    I'm assuming we're talking pallet as in big square piece of wood that you often see in warehouses and the like?

    Last time I built a water cooled PC it was only slightly heaver than a normal air cooled PC and it fitted inside a normal cardboard box that the case came in.

    Why do you think you need a pallet for that?  How big do you think a water cooled PC is going to be? 
  • RumRat
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    If a Pallet is used it's from the shipping company not the manufacturer. Some couriers use palletized systems for ease of use. AFAIK water cooled systems should be double boxed with padding between the case and the two boxes. After that it's up to the courier picking it up to sort it....They certainly won't demand you provide a pallet.
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  • SiliconChip
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    How big a pallet would be needed for a single PC? Pallets come in all sizes, I have a range including some that are quite small but I would have thought big enough for a PC, and would be easy to store in a shed or even the loft if you really felt it was necessary.
  • DullGreyGuy
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    Have had various things delivered on pallets, never a PC though. They were delivered either to the first door of the building or the kerbside depending on the terms of the delivery. None would take it into a foyer let alone to the unit's door inside. 

    As always with these things, communication is key... though one item was 150kg and going up effectively 4 flights of stairs which no matter the level of communication it was always going to be difficult. Still wouldnt pay their £300 charge to bring it to the unit door (though the stair climbing sack barrow thing did look interesting)
  • TELLIT01
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    If you need the item to be delivered into the flat, not just to the entrance, you will need to speak to the vendor to make sure that happens.  It is pretty standard practice for items only to be delivered to the door unless delivery and installation is included.
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