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My Personal Diary: Thrifting to a better bank balance (longer term goals)

Hello all, this is more of a personal diary for me, but I welcome any ideas and tips. About 10 years ago I was very thrifty, I wanted to be a single homeowner and after years of saving, managing budgets, etc, I managed to do this. Now I live with my partner and everything I did like 10 years ago has gone out of the window and I no longer have any grasp on my finances. Well - until now! Last month was the first month in over a decade where my outgoings was ALOT more than my incomings - I try and save a little each month but this has been dire over the last couple of years. This was finally the wake up call I needed and I am determined to not let this happen again. I need to build up my savings for my long term plans so this diary will cover meal planning, vegetable planting, decluttering via fb marketplace/ebay, control my spending, etc. 

I'm starting today with my 'no impulse buying' and meal planning heavily out of our freezer/cupboards. I've been very busy in our greenhouse over the last few weeks but with our poor weather over the last couple of weeks I haven't managed to plant anywhere near as much as I like, so I am determined to spend at least 30 minutes each day (weather dependent) in the garden helping grow our veg which will hopefully reduce our food bill. 

I do use olio, freecyle, community fridge etc and I also give away excess vegetables, time to our local charity, etc, as I feel its important to both give and take. I do partake in veg plant swapping too and sharing seeds. 

I've also switched my bank account to first direct to get the £175 switch bonus and to get a good rate regular savings account. When that comes it will be straight in the savings account. 

No meal planning until Monday as I already have meals planned - all of which using up food in the fridge. I've started to save the ends of our loaves of bread to freeze and either use for breadcrumbs (shamefully I have been buying breadcrumbs and this needs to stop!) or a bread and butter pudding. 


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    I did purchase a book last year from the charity shop called 'Booze for free' - I'm hoping this year will be the year I make wine?! 
    Bear in mind that there is expenditure if you don't already have a basic kit of demijohn /fermenting bucket /funnel / syphon tube /empty bottles /sterilising stuff (essential to ensure everything is bacteria-free) but once bought, then generally the only cost is sugar /water /time .
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    I did purchase a book last year from the charity shop called 'Booze for free' - I'm hoping this year will be the year I make wine?! 
    Try freecycle, olio etc. I've often seen brewing gear going free. 
  • Thank you for all the comments - I love the clothing comments especially - its something that I need to tackle but not t this moment.

    I abandoned this thread a bit whilst I had some news and was trying to come up with a plan - I sold my house and now live in my partners house and we were expecting to buy a bigger house together. We had a mortgage appointment where we were told that the monthly mortgage repayment was double what we were expecting meaning it is very much so outside of our limits. It was a complete no so we have been trying to come up with a plan in the meantime. We've decided that when my partners mortgage comes up for renewal we will pay it off but will continue to save in the meantime. (his mortgage rate is lower than current savings rates). Our savings pot will hopefully mean we can buy a bigger house in a few years time or more importantly it buys us the gift of perhaps working part time, (my partner works 6.5 day weeks) etc. I know there will be comments on here and in my private life about being mortgage free - but this is all due to the choices we have made along the way. Also we also have quite a small house (a lot smaller than my friends who have maxed out all their credit to get the biggest house and newest car). Another plus is that energy bills will be smaller too.

    So the aim is still to get a bigger house but for it to be more affordable to us (the mortgage repayments was nearly £2k a month and on our salaries we don't understand how we could afford it). So we'll continue to save. 

    I have to admit after finding this out we both have felt more stingier with our money. I do feel very privileged to be in our position (I shall leave a separate post about my past below) and I never take for granted where I am now but we do very much feel like our pounds should stay in our pocket rather than spent frivolously. 
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