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    Hi, to help with advice, can I ask what the cost of the SE roof only would be, and then the cost of both roofs?
    Haven't got that far, all the quotes I've got are different specs but I am exploring the possibility of buying it all myself and panels are £180 each, brackets & fixings not much extra, and scaffold could probably be ignored because I am looking at replacing the roof tiles anyway as they are 50 years old

    replies above in bold

    Silly bit now, but something has been bugging me, and this really isn't that important, but worth checking - and that's your NW 'best v's worst' generation. Looks to me that June is 20.5x more than Dec (418 v's 20.21). That seems extreme, my 30d pitch WNW is ~11x, and using my location but 31d pitch instead of 30d, and changing from azimuth 105d to 135d I get ~15x.

    Good point, I've double checked all my figures and they are correct, all I'm inputting is 4kwp , roof mounted, 31 degree slope and 135(NE) and 45(SE). just to check the numbers I put in for N & S were 180 and 0.
    (I've tried it with 1kwp, I still get the same difference between best & worst)
    Maybe thats as good as we get in winter up north? as in the real north, not just past Birmingham!
    I've got the favourite quote so far to fiddle round with them a bit, I've asked for a quote for panels on both sides, 5kw hybrid inverter, 4.8kwhr batteries. 
    and then a separate quote for just panels on one side
    I think then I will be able to "make an educated guess" as to whether or not it would be worth doing
    I think there may be a typo somewhere - NW would be 315˚ which probably needs to be input as 135˚ whereas SE needs to input as -45˚.
    Part of the difference between summer and winter will be to do with the day length - the further north the shorter in winter and longer in summer.
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    thread revival, I'm still looking at this and probably will be going for it next spring.
    i've just found a website called easypv that designs the entire system for you, heres the 2 comparisons, one side SE and both sides SE & NW

    the total extra materials required will cost £1705 if I do both roofs at same time, how do I figure out if it's worth it or not? 
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