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Looking a new cloth horse

kah22 Posts: 1,833 Forumite
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I've had a cloth horse for a number of years, think I got it out of a skip but it has now fallen apart!

So I'm looking recommendations for a new one.  The only post  I can find re recommendations dates back quite a few years.

What's required? It's for a senior citizen living alone with an inside utility room, also with plenty of suitable space outside. So I'd be looking one that I can easily put up and take down and will withstand a reasonable amount of outside living - think a lovely dry summer day

Any suggestions?  


  • Floss
    Floss Posts: 8,306 Forumite
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    Mine is a Beldray one - Argos  Asda, Wilko, B&M all sell them but they call them airers now:

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  • frugalmacdugal
    frugalmacdugal Posts: 10,077 Forumite
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    try searching for (traditional) clothes horse, here are a couple of links to look at.
  • oystercatcher
    oystercatcher Posts: 2,331 Forumite
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    I have the Good Housekeeping expandable airer from Argos £40 in the link from Floss above. It's much sturdier than I expected but folds up nice and small when not in use. I think it will last longer than the other two I have which are the Beldray type .
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  • sarahj1986
    sarahj1986 Posts: 1,612 Forumite
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    I got one off eBay for a tenner a few weeks back 
  • kboss2010
    kboss2010 Posts: 1,466 Forumite
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    My Ikea one is 16 years old and counting!
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  • Katiehound
    Katiehound Posts: 7,606 Forumite
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    I have one of those zigzag clothes airers made of wood. Sometimes needs the odd tap with a hammer as a tack moves slightly but then don't know its age- just that it cost 2/6- half a crown in old money!!- think that's 12.5 pence.
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    Many thanks
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  • otb666
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    i find my newest air dryer very good as its on wheels and very handy when using it
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  • Nelliegrace
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    I bought a Wilkinson’s Deluxe upright airer which fits in the hall to get heat from the radiator and any sunshine in the afternoon and evening. They are £17.50 now. 

    I hang a lot of clothes on hangers on the kitchen curtain rail. 
    Most things are dry by the next day. 

    At long last we can dry things in the garden again. Washed, given a good shake and straighten when they are hung out, dried, folded straight from the line, and put away all in a day.
  • Pixie_Cosmo
    Pixie_Cosmo Posts: 132 Forumite
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    I made the mistake of buying a cheap airer from Amaz0n. It's flimsy, doesn't stay upright and the metal bars are falling off. So don't do that! I think I definitely got what I paid for. Will look at the suggestions here for a better airer.
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