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Breaching transfer agreements



  • jo03gra
    jo03gra Forumite Posts: 85
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    GixerKate said:
    I really feel for you, we've had similar issues in our estate as well - a group of older kids taking over the playground for football which prevents younger kids being in there and then there is the constant screaming until late at night, all with the parents blessing.  I swear if I hear the phrase 'kids will be kids' I'll scream.

    Is it something you can discuss with your local community support officer?  If they are damaging your car and your property then can you report it under anti-social behaviour?

    Before anyone jumps all over this, I get that kids need to be able to play and outside is better than inside and all of that, but there is nothing wrong with expecting the kids to respect other people either.
    To be honest I haven’t noticed any actual damage to the car but the ball obviously hits the car else I wouldn’t be finding it underneath when I pull out of my drive. 
    The parents and some other residents are actually worse than the kids. There are a handful of what I’ll call keyboard warriors who egg the parents on. “If someone told my kid to be quiet I’d be banging on their door” that kind of thing. My neighbour is now called the grinch on the green because he dared pop his head out of a window to a screaming girl, he asked if she was ok and she was so he asked her to keep the noise down. He’s being persecuted! Now he’s been basically bullied into being quiet.
    im getting similar but I’m more hardy but it’s definitely taking it’s toll on my stress levels. 
    I no longer feel happy at home. My heart sinks driving home after a long day working in nhs clinics. 
    Not sure police will be interested although in the past they have been called regarding this very issue but not to do with me fortunately. 
    I would phone them if football nets turned up outside my window. 
    I’m really hoping the maintenance company can get a solicitor letter drafted instead of their nice polite request which is being completely ignored and in fact laughed at and unfortunately made things worse.

    I need to sell even though I love my house and have spent lots on it. 
    When did people stop caring about their neighbours? Sad situation really and their kids won’t benefit from this message from their adults! 
  • penners324
    penners324 Forumite Posts: 2,370
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    Put a 6 foot fence up. Issue resolved 
  • jo03gra
    jo03gra Forumite Posts: 85
    Fifth Anniversary 10 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    Put a 6 foot fence up. Issue resolved 
    I can’t do that.. I literally have a very small front which is open onto the green. The fence would be so high I front of my window. I purchased the house with a covenant of kind saying the open space excluded playing ball games. 
    Obviously I’d never have purchased but for that being read in the agreement and in 5 years it’s only recently become an issue as the kids are no longer 8 and 9 year olds but as big as me! 

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