How long to give new job?

So got a new job after being made redundant from previous job.  I come from a small firm where you complete a project yourself from start to finish, it’s all in your hands and offered variety.  Going to this large firm all parts are shared out,  so you only do 1 small part of any given project, at your desk all day doing 1 thing.

I’ve only gone 1 day and already dreading today.  It’s a total shock to the system, I’m used to running around like a headless chicken, here there and everywhere over the course of a day.  Put it this way my step tracker used to be 15k steps per day, yesterday 4K. Bored senseless would best describe it.

1 day isn’t enough I know, will this settle or should I cut my losses.  Don’t get me wrong this job couldn’t be any easier but as I say beyond bored


  • comeandgo
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    I’d say start looking for new job.  If you are bored now image what it will be like in 6 months.
  • JReacher1
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    If you find the job easy then give it a few weeks and ask for more responsibility. I certainly would give it at least 2 months before considering leaving. 
  • elsien
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    You also need to consider that they might be easing you in gently. Generally speaking it’s not good business practice to have your new employees running around like headless chickens on day one.
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

    Pedant alert - it's could have, not could of.
  • Ditzy_Mitzy
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    It's work.  Work is boring by its very nature, that's why they have to pay you to do it.  Give it some time, settle in and see where it goes.  'Running round like a headless chicken' all day isn't normal in the corporate world; you ought to think about possible links between that and your redundancy - it may well be the case that spending years at a badly run firm has given you a distorted view of what should be happening in the workplace.  

    Sitting at a desk doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that is par for the course with a corporate.  
  • diystarter7
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    Hi OP

    See how it goes.
    Evaluate how you can do things better.
    Is the job what you thought it was going to be?
    Are the people nice/ok there?
    Is everyone trying to boss you around.
    Are you fully aware who can and who cannot give you orders?
    Do other people appear to be behaving like you
    What kind words if any have you got from the others?
    If after a few days you are still dreading going there, then think hard about if it is the job you really want to be in?

    However, it is much eaier to get another job whilst you are working

    May be I have been lucky, but I have never been in a place where I felt like that

    I reccommed you try it for at least a week or two and if it is getting no better, then consider alternative options.
    At times just having someone nice to talk to helps

    Good luck
  • DE_612183
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    I always think it's easier to leave as soon as possible after starting - that way if the company had interviewed a few people - chances are they can go back and still get someone in, also they don't waste time training / educating you when you will disappear in a week or so's time. Have a friendly chat and go now!

    Delay will only make it harder for you.
  • StevenB12
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    I've always said if you don't enjoy the first couple of days you won't enjoy the rest. If anything,your first few days should be decent, I wouldn't go as far as exciting, but you're in a new place, new way of working etc, if that isn't doing anything for you now I suspect it won't further down the road.

    A couple of years ago I joined a small firm that had been in business about 8 months at the time, utility company. I worked as a lead operator with the owner for a few days and that was enough for me, I knew after day one and had decided by day three I wasn't going back. Needless to say although they are still in business, they advertise for new people almost every other week. 

    Personally I'd go with what ever your gut feeling is, more often than not its right. 
  • MalMonroe
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    Lots of differing opinions here. I'm someone who has always hated my first few weeks in any new job, no matter what. Different people, different set up, different boss, different environment, different everything. 

    You say yourself that it's a totally different job and a shock to your system. I would advise that you give it a bit more time. 

    I went to work at a university and after the interview I thought, 'even if they offer me the job, I won't take it, I really don't like the sound of it at all'. Next thing they offered me the job and I accepted. So much for me. It was different to any other job I'd had before and there was so much I didn't understand. Every day I went in thinking, 'this is the day they get my notice'. I stayed there for 9 years and was promoted twice. That is why I say it's early days yet, give it a chance.

    If you feel that you really can't stay, then do start looking around for something more suitable, obviously. I know not everyone likes their job but of course it is a bonus if you do. I don't think one day is long enough to make a decision. Is there any way you would feel comfortable speaking to your line manager about how you feel? Ask if there would be room for you to do other tasks or undertake some training or something, perhaps. I just think it seems a shame not to give it a chance. They took a chance on you and I think it's a great achievement to get an interview these days, never mind actually get a job. 

    I'd ask to have a chat with someone. They may have something better in mind for you. But if not, then you won't have much of a choice. 
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