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We finished paying our mortgage off a couple of years ago and I tried getting in touch with the local TSB who we went through and was told I'd need to get in touch with the original mortgage lenders, but that was Cheltenham & Gloucester and Lloyds & TSB took over their mortgages so I don't know where to try.  I was looking forward to seeing the old papers, I know they say you can see scanned version on line but it's not the same.  Has anybody got any advice please?  Thank you


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    Were there any "old papers" that the lender was storing? If you bought a property which already had a registered title there won't necessarily be anything historical to see. It's also possible your solicitor has or had the deeds, as for quite a while lenders haven't wanted to have warehouses full of deeds which they don't really need.
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    It can be surprising what they were storing, we got our 'deeds' back from a 1993 purchase in 2018, and along with a number of useful site plans, proof of the insulation used at the time and other documents relating to the transfer of title for the land (it was a new build in 1987), we also got a bunch of documents relating to the previous owners mortgage as well...
    Despite that, I wouldn't be surprised to find the documents were destroyed years ago as once the title is properly registered there is nothing of legal value in the old 'deed' packs, certainly nothing resembling actual deeds...
    I would hope that in the case of very old historic properties the actual deeds would have been saved, but ...
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    The old deeds can be mines of information as the Title plans at the land registry sometimes contain errors. It is always worth trying to get hold of the original deeds if at all possible. 
    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
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    Cheltenham and Gloucester is now Lloyds Bank. 
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    Contact both with your old mortgage details to see  they if they have ‘deep’ archive storage.
    Barclays store old Woolwich mortgage deeds.
    If your mortgage was taken out before 1997/98 and you never remortgaged, it’s highly likely the deeds are stored somewhere.
    Ours got sent to us when we remortgaged in 2001 and the LR went digital.  
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