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Advice please.  The internet variously tells me to soak it in milk, soak it in salt water, or not soak it at all.  Is the taste any stronger than pig kidney - I’ve often cooked that before and wouldn’t bother soaking one.

I plan to cook the ox kidney in a tomato chili sauce, which is the way I do pig kidney.  Not sure whether it needs to go into the slow cooker for hours or whether it’s more like half an hour on the stove top.

if it works it will be an amazing addition to my cheap meal repertoire.


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    I was taught that ox and pig kidneys are a stronger taste and if you don't like that to soak in milk for a milder favour.  When I've made steak and kidney using either ox or pig kidneys i have never bothered to soak them first.  Your recipe sound like it could stand up to a stronger flavour.  I would treat it the same as pig kidneys.

    I haven't had kidneys for a while and i use lamb kidneys if i'm doing something like deviled kidneys but i believe ox / pig kidneys are like some cuts of meat where you either cook quickly or long and slow in a casserole.
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    well I went ahead and had some for my main meal today.  I didn’t soak it and was surprised to discover that the taste was far less strong than I expected.  I’ve still got a couple of portions left, so definitely super cheap, though not quite as cheap as pig kidney. I might try it again without the chili sauce.
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