Question about French doors.

Hell everyone and thank you for reading. I have external French doors which are wood and they are starting to rot so I'm looking for some ideas of some good company's for a new PVC one at a reasonable price. I have never had to do this before and I don't want to get ripped off.


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    The answer will be "local, not national"
    We are born naked, wet and hungry...Then things get worse. :(

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    Depends on the size, area of glass, DG or trippled glazed if having colour added, high secuirt locks/fittings etc etc

    Many variables you need to comapre the doors and the prices - cheaper plastics go yellow more quicky and good ones wont for donkeys years


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    We had our windows done by a local firm, pretty sure our french doors were around £1800? Something around that region anyway. White PVC with chrome handles and fittings. This was last summer.
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