today is the best day

Hello all

Having been away from the boards for quite some time i thought a new thread would be the best place to start.

I am currently out of work and not entitled to any benefits. I'm single and I also have no close family.

Reading that it sounds quite negative  :open_mouth: but it is just a description of how things are now, not how things will be  :)

I'm back posting here to detail and track what i want to achieve and to give myself some accountability - and to hopefully chat with some like minded people  :)

I am very keen to move house - which will see the mortgage increasing  :# to be able to move though i need a job - this is the first priority although the searching, applications and interviews so far have taken so much time - as well money - as i've travelled to places. So now i need to continue to look for work but also do some of the other things which are important. 

I need to:
deep clean and tidy the house
list any work which needs doing in preparation for selling. The idea is to list everything and if i decide something isn't going to help sell or isn't worth the money i won't do it. Mainly i'm thinking painting and small finishing touches or things which will make it look like a home - ex took all the furniture which wasn't falling apart so it's a bit bare.
Tidy up the gardens
List things for sale - any recommendations where to do this? mainly clothes
See if there are any good survey sites
Self-care - i need to get out in the fresh air every day - it's been to easy to stay in. Exercise.
Track spending so i know the costs of things ready for budgeting when i do have an income
Post gratitudes regularly - i'd say daily but not sure i can commit to posting every day.

The title is to remind me to make the most of each day and to start things now, rather than wait  :)

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  • i have sorted some things out to sell so i just need to decide where to do this and hope for a bright day tomorrow to get some good photos - it's dark here right now.

    I will try and tidy the living room tonight - posting here for accountability. Mainly there seems to be an accumulation of letters - what does everyone else do with these? i need a good filing system. if i still had my desk i could pop them in a 'home' drawer and have somewhere to deal with them when not working too.

    I have several interviews this week - i have done some prep but need to do some for an interview i've just accepted - this would be my preferred job and will involve some working from home. I will need a new desk for this which could resolve the issue  :)

    a nice walking route nearby - i'll need to check if there's anything near the areas i'm looking to move to
    the food from my neighbour - i have used this for breakfast and lunch today

    Mortgage Balance
  • Popping in to report the living room is tidy. I do have a bag of paperwork to get through - have started already by removing 1 item for shredding.  I will continue to tackle 1 item a day from the bag and not add more paperwork to it. There are 2 items which need moving but both involve other things happening first - hopefully they may move tomorrow which will mean it's all clear  :)

    To motivate myself and to keep myself accountable i wanted to pop back on to note what i want to do tomorrow as it's quite a lot  :#

    Make soup
    1 item from paperwork bag
    take Gas and Electric readings
    music practice
    languages x 1
    Some form of exercise if not the above x 1
    Food shop
    list items for sale - so decide where and start
    c25k - look into this - any recommendations?
    Some form of exercise if not the above x 2
    Face mask
    Prep for job interview
    Tidy kitchen
    languages x2
    make 2 phone calls 
    job search

    I definitely need to be up early tomorrow with so much to do and i'm not sure i've remembered everything  :D

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  • Tara66
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    Love the title of your thread. It is a gift as a reminder to me, so thank you.

    You have a great attitude and I wish you luck with your endeavours. You are making your tomorrow with every step you take today, so I hope today is a kind one x
  • Hi Tara 

    Thank you so much for your kind words - logging on just now and seeing your lovely message has made me smile  :)
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  • Hello all

    Today hasn't started as planned as i got up much later than i wanted to  :s Still there's lots of today left to achieve goals and i have already made a start on my list  o:) 

    I've not been sleeping well for a while - part of coming on here posting is to help me with routine as well as achieving goals and creating accountability. 

    My phone is currently charging so i can use it to start listing items for sale - i used to leave it plugged in overnight  :# although i had a very early start and a commute to work and the charged up phone gave me some reassurance in the dark mornings.

    My latest gas and electric bill were shockingly expensive - and would have been more so without me using less energy  :o so i am now constantly more conscious of using either. I never left lights on or things on in rooms - my biggest waste was the phone plugged in overnight. Even with an income i will struggle with bills like the last one so i have to ensure it is less and maximise what my pennies can do for me. 

    I have on my list to do a face mask today - i'm grateful to past me buying lots of these at home things for pennies but i do have a lot and anything i can use up will be something less to move.

    I had been debating buying some furniture - it's felt a bit of a dilemma - should i make this house more homely but then where i end up moving to the furniture may not be suitable and as i want to move as soon as possible it seems a bit of a waste. I also don't have the money to buy what i want so that's kinda resolved itself - the large bill along with other unexpected bills has wiped out practically all the available funds i had. When i couldn't sleep last night i was thinking will i even need a removal van - the only big piece of furniture i have is a cheap bed and then i thought of all the small things i have - the toiletries, clothes, cleaning products, food etc and of course when i come to move it will all happen on one day and there will be more boxes and outdoor items to move than space in my car. I guess it will be a case of get a quote and see.

    In the meantime i can try and list all i can for sale to try and have less to move with me - as well as creating the much needed income. Before my circumstances changed i gave away lots of things i could have sold, even after i was out of work and on my own i gave some things away which i may have been able to sell but which i didn't want to see every day and felt better once they were gone. I don't regret it as they were well received. Now i have to go through everything again and work out what to sell - but that's probably a good thing to avoid having too much to move.

    Right time to start listing  :# not sure why i'm nervous  :D
    Mortgage Balance
  • Swayingseaweed
    Have you tried vinted for selling your clothes? Good luck with the job interviews, hope you get the one you would prefer.
  • LeighofMar
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    Hope your interview goes well.
    Mortgage start date Dec 2015 - $64,655.00
    Mortgage end date Dec 2045 - NOT!!!!
    Mortgage balance  - $4600.00
    Business Savings $43,310/100k
    Hope to be mortgage-free by end of 2023 
  • LadyWithAPlan
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    Good luck with the interviews and it sounds like you have a workable plan.
    I also procrastinate about ebay but do feel better once its all listed.

    I make soup every week, super healthy, cheap, nutritious and tasty ;)
    There will always be a (beautiful stilettoed) foot in fabulous in LaPlan's life.
    I am choosing to be fabulously frugal to support some wonderful life changing and affirming financial goals including buying a London home I love.

    DON'T BUY STUFF (from Frugalwoods)
    No seriously, just don’t buy things. 99% of our success with our savings rate is attributed to the fact that we don’t buy things. You can’t really hack your way to frugal. You can and should take advantage of discounts, coupons, rewards points, and the like. But at the end of the day, the only way to truly save money is to not buy stuff.    Money doesn’t walk out of your wallet on its own accord.

    My March  streaks to track
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    Exercise streak  
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    Track my NSD's - Target 13 days/ 0/13
  • Have you tried vinted for selling your clothes? Good luck with the job interviews, hope you get the one you would prefer.
    Hello Swayingseaweed thank you for stopping by and the suggestion - i have had a look and will try listing on there tomorrow  :)
    Mortgage Balance
  • Hi LeighofMar and LadyWithAPlan thank you for stopping by  :)
    Mortgage Balance
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