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Just seen this, posting as a heads-up (NOT to start a discussion)

Set to be published on budget day so no official source yet

"Health and Disability White Paper

For disabled people and long-term sick:

A Health and Disability White Paper will be published on the day of the Budget outlining our plans to scrap the Work Capability Assessment. Under the current system disabled people need to have a health assessment and be found incapable of work to receive additional income support through the benefits system. Scrapping the Work Capability Assessment is the biggest reform to the welfare system in a decade, meaning that disabled people can try work without fear of losing their benefits, and reducing the number of assessments needed to qualify for health-related benefits."

No further details, no clue what will happen, could take YEARS to implement anyway.  But relevant to many members' interests.


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    Was going to post about this earlier, having read an Independent article. 

     Have a feeling Government may try to implement within next 18 months, due to number of people missing from the labour market. Government ministers interviewed recently talked about the hundreds of thousands who could work with appropriate support.

    I wonder whether the WCA being scrapped will mean in the future it may depend on whether a claimant has a PIP award to decide on whether they receive LCWRA ( those with previous WCA outcome would be exempt from this requirement).  But this would be complicated by those with PIP awards, but were not awarded LCRWA following WCA. 

     And for those without a PIP award, any claimant who reports fit notes for more than say 2 months will be referred to a provider that will help them return to employment.  So there will be no LCW category as such ( from a relevant date for new claimant or new health reports)  as these would be deemed to be in the process of preparing to return to employment, so can receive provider help to go back to working.

    Just my thoughts having read this earlier. If there is no WCA process, i doubt that DWP would not have some form of assessment and using PIP assessment might be a logical step to take?  
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    Yes... I'm just reading the newspaper articles..... hard to tell exactly what they will do in detail.... but clearly they plan to Scrap the WCA and increase carrot and stick broadly across Universal Credit. As per huckster I am pondering if they'll use PIP as directing some sort of disabled categorisation for U/C. My instinct is that changes like as in past may not be good for those disabled or sick but not severely classified as so... but for those that are it might be beneficial. In my mind they've removed the payment for LCW and they may now just remove the category too since they also plan to remove the test for it.

    As I said to my wife.... scrapping the WCA is on the face of it tremendous news.... but....

    I guess Wednesday we need to wait until to know more and associated timescales.
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    Yes, at first glance it seems good news - until you start to think about the possible implications.
    The financial implications included.
    I'm currently UC LCW. and do get paid a LCW Element because I was previously ESA WRAG since 2011.
    Whilst I don't expect any change to remove my current LCW Element I wouldn't be too surprised if t gets frozen, maybe by reclassifying it to the equivalent Transitional Element?
    Remember that this doesn't just affect UC, with no WCA how are they going to determine if someone qualifies for New Style ESA and in which group? I doubt they'll go back to the old Incapacity Benefit criteria but you never know.
    There will have to be some criterion to replace WCA's.
    But it,s all speculation at the moment until we see just what is put out on Wednesday and have time to read and digest it.

    PS. They'll need to stop doing them in short order because after this announcement the current assessors will now be leaving for other jobs if they have any sense.
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