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S&S ISA Portfolio help please

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    Swipe said:
    Swipe said:
    One sure way to lose money to inflation over the long term is hold it all in cash savings. I am approaching early retirement but have decided to keep 30% in a mixture of easy access, regular and fixed cash savings and premium bonds. This allows me to sleep better at night knowing I can still maintain a decent lifestyle even if we go through a lost decade. I have enough invested for life so I don't see the point of gambling the remainder in equities.
    So have I, alot of my other savings are split like yours, but its the bit I invested ( Original post) that concerns me, because not only has it lost me several thousand in 14 months, but not even achieved inflation, and it looks like quite a while before it will recover, thankfully I can earmark the loss making portfolio for use in another 10 years plus and hopefully then it will have caught up.
    If it makes you feel any better, my funds were up £50K 2 weeks ago and since SVB that £50K has since evaporated into thin air. If you are to invest, you have to be fine with these sorts of swings.
    Just stating a monetary value without reference to the overall portfolio size is pretty meaningless when you say you have to expect these sort of swings, a 50k swing on 1,000,000 is totally different to a 50k swing on 100,000 for example.
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    LHW99 said:
    if it is any encouragement, I have been keeping track of my investment portfolio progress since 2014 (although have invested for many years before that). My worst year was 2018, when I was down almost 7% over the year (Covid 2020 was a bigger initial drop, but came back quickly), but have still averaged 6% per year from mid-December 14 to end December 2022.

    Thanks, Yes that is an encouragement thankyou, it gives me confidence that these dead horses I'm  flogging in my portfolio will come through in the end
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