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Annualised Hours Contract

I am looking for some guidance. I have an annualised hours contract within Civil Service which requires me to complete 960 hours a year. To date I have already completed 126 in excess of that and have  a further 40 hours excess this quarter.

Stupid? Question as I have completed my annualised hours can I take the rest of the year until April off??  


  • Wonka_2
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    Presumably as part of your agreement to Annualised Hours you also have a clearly defined contract which details this ?? i.e. the dates between which it's measured, any specific working times/patterns and how overtime etc is dealt with ?

    Without this and the guidance from your line manager, who presumably is aware of the details of the agreement, then no-one else can help with a direct answer.

    The obvious assumption to your question would be no - unless your role is specifically seasonal - and if it's not then it begs the question why you're working the extra hours without understanding the impact of that 
  • chubsta
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    No, you will find in your guidance that it is your responsibility to 'manage your hours' - in other words if you have made no effort to take the Time Off In Lieu then you will lose it. Of course, if you have records of having asked for the time off that have been refused then you may have a case. Bear in mind many CS departments are allowing a small 'carry-over' of hours this year due to being unable to take time off during the strike periods, but this is only a few hours.

    Your manager may allow you to take as much time off as you like if you can be spared in March, but they have no responsibility to do so. 
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  • SameekshaM

    It's not a stupid question at all.

    While you may have already completed your required annualized hours and have exceeded them, it's possible that your contract has provisions that require you to continue working until the end of the contract year, regardless of how many hours you have already worked.

    Additionally, it's important to consider any other obligations or responsibilities you have within your job. For example, if there are specific projects or tasks that require your attention during the remainder of the year, you may not be able to take the rest of the year off.

    It's recommended that you speak with your employer or HR representative to discuss your situation and any possible options for taking time off. They will be able to advise you on the specific policies and procedures in place and whether taking time off is a possibility for you.

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