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under 18 loan

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  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    Under 18's can make a contract, but because it can't be enforced against them, most loans to under 18's would not be of a purely commercial nature, as in this case.
    If she is leaving their employment, it's perfectly reasonable of them to expect full repayment once she leaves their employment. Why would they continue to grant a (presumably interest-free) loan facility to an ex-employee?
    Any professionally run company that offers such loans will have considered this eventuality and covered it in the loan agreement, but I'd imagine that they would deduct the outstanding amount from her final salary payment. Will that cover it?
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  • _Penny_Dreadful_Penny_Dreadful Forumite
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    Without seeing the exact terms of this loan we can only speculate. Whilst under 18s are not eligible for certain types of borrowing e.g credit cards it’s not a hard and fast rule that no types of loan aren’t available e.g student loans. Under 18s can have student loans, I received my first one at the tender age of 17, all legal and above board. 
  • SncjwSncjw Forumite
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    Are you sure it's not just a salary sacrifice scheme? 
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