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EON Next refusing to pay ESBB (£400) from the government

I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction, I received my Oct, Nov and Dec payments credited to my account, I set up a direct debit Dec time to start Jan 1st. The direct debit failed on the 1st so got reversed. I called up and sorted everything out and reset up the direct debit. 
I noticed recently that I haven’t had any more payments of £67 credited so I’m missing Jan and Feb, I emailed EON next and got a reply to say because the direct debit failed I’ve been made ineligible? No matter how much I speak to them and quote the government guide to suppliers which says: 

5.34 If a customer does not pay their Direct Debit the supplier should follow business-as- usual processes.
5.35 Where a supplier is crediting the account (in the case of a Direct Debit customer), this may include making the EBSS payment despite the Direct Debit failure.
5.36 Where a supplier is providing a refund or reducing the amount this may include making further attempts to process the Direct Debit transaction.
5.37 Where agreed Direct Debit collection has broken down, and suppliers move customers on to different payment methods, EBSS payments should continue in line with the approach for the new payment method.

they just keep telling me I’m ineligible and they can’t do anything about it. I don’t know what to do and who to speak to but I really don’t think this is right? 


  • dealyboy
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    ... disgraceful

    E.On Next are renowned for their Customer Service  :#

    Of course standard process is complaint followed by Ombudsman but you might get some positive response by posting in the E.On Next Community forum, accessible from the dashboard. I have seen posts from very helpful admin.
  • Mstty
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    Have you opened up a complaint with them. Also I like to email or use Twitter rather than the phone as there is an undisputed record of events.


    On that page they have detailed their complaints procedure and your rights to take the complaint to the ombudsman.

    Happy to offer advice on how to lay out an ombudsman complaint having had two awarded against Eon Next.
  • ariarnia
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    hi pink flowers. 

    as dealyboy has said. if you cant get anywhere talking to them directly then 8 weeks after first making the complaint you can escalate to the ombudsman. 


    if you keep it nice and simple and have the evidence to back up what your saying then it should be sorted easily enough. while having things in writing is best even if all you actually have is the goverment rules and your bills/bank statements it seems clear you should of been paid it and werent. 

    theres a bit of a delay on the ombudsman cases as there in high demand at the moment but you can always keep talking to eon or trying to get things sorted via other routes while your waiting (you can just close the case if its sorted out between you in the meantime) and you never no it might jog them to actually do something. 
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  • jusferbrowsing
    It seems EON agents post on the EON Next Community Forum. You might get some joy there???

    Forum website https://community.eonnext.com/forums/27-Account-Billing-amp-Tariffs
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