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Hi. I am writing the following as tech support for my mum but am somewhat out of my depth and frustrated.
When both parents were alive, all accounts/subscriptions etc were set up using my dad's email address. He passed last year, so am moving accounts/subscriptions over to my mum's email address.
I used to buy the one-off versions of Microsoft office bu with mum's agreement, have moved to the subscription model of Office 365. I set that up with mum's email address. However on logging on, it asked to send a code to dad's email. Ok sorted that out by removing dad's email from the list of verified emails.
With Office 365, she also gets OneDrive storage, so tried setting that up, again with mum's email as the account holder.
We added a password. But at some point, it again wanted to send a code to dad's email. Which I found frustrating because I thought I had removed dad's email address as a verification address.
So I think:
I have set up a password to mum's microsoft account; this seems to be required when logging into office 365 or OneDrive
I thought I had removed dad's email as a verification email for Office 365.

Can you provide a list, or is there a list anywhere of places I need to change login emails/verification emails/any othe security features? This is both for Office 365 and OneDrive.
I won't be visiting mum for a few days, so will try out your suggestions then.
Many thanks in advance.


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    Not entirely sure why you think you need to move things from your dad's email just because he's no longer around.  It'll be tied to more things than you think it is so if you have the password for it, I'd suggest keeping it active for a couple of years even if you don't use it for actual sending of emails.

    With regards to Office 365, this will probably be because the Office on the system is still "signed in" with the first email.  So you need to sign out of that, you can't just add another email to the existing Office installation.  You need to sign into it with the correct email.

    Because all email addresses that are new set up will require two factor authentication and/or a recovery address, its plausible you've added your dad's address to your mum's account as a recovery address.  You can look at this by signing into with the email address, clicking on your profile picture top right and then "My Microsoft Account".  Note that your office address and your outlook/hotmail address are not the same thing.
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    Thanks @Neil_Jones
    Will try those suggestions.
    I changed email addresses, in case in the future, whatever the cause, we couldn't get into dad's email. When dad bought the phone, the person at the shop added the yahoo app and this is now required to login into the yahoo website to retrieve emails onto the computer. If we lose the phone, or it plain just stops working, I am worried we would lose access to dad's email. And by Sod's law, this would happen just before we had an important task that required receiving a code on dad's email.
    Dad's email is also on the Windows email application and also on a tablet, but I am not technically proficient enough to know exactly what to do when things go wrong. I do use Google, but even today, I couldn't find a search term that gave me answers to my problems around fixing the verification issue. So I muddled through.
    Edited to add: But yes I will do my best to keep dad's email going for as long as possible.
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    Just to add, the yahoo app made moving dad's email account from his Samsung Galaxy to mum's iphone somewhat easy. Though I didn't do the transfer myself. The staff member at John Lewis did all that and didn't need the password for dad's email account. So in that respect it made things easier. Yes the JL staff member moved the SIM from dad's old phone to mum's new phone as part of the transfer.
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