Changing supplier when on a standard variable tariff

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Afternoon all

My supplier failed and my account went to British Gas.

I am now on a fixed tariff until the end of May. I'm not impressed with the customer support at BG (an understatement) and would like to change supplier.

When my current tariff ends on May 31st 2023, I will, I assume, change to the ir current Fixed Variable tariff.

Will I be able to change my supplier when this happens?




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    You can change supplier at any time, even now, but if you have a fixed tariff that is cheaper than the current capped variable rate then you are better off not switching yet.
    When your current fix ends you will go onto the capped variable rate, that is not a fixed tariff, and yes you can switch to  another supplier.
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    You can change your supplier any time you wish. There may be a charge if you leave before a fixed tariff ends but details should be shown on your bill. 

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    You can leave a fixed tariff 49 days before its end date without incurring any penalty that would ordinarily be contractually applied, so in your case that would be around mid April.  However, as others have said, it wouldn't be sensible to do that if your fixed tariff would be below the EPG, which is expected to go up around 20% on April 1st
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    Thanks for the replies.

    My intention is to get away from BG's appaling customer service. I'll be paying the same with any of the providers from June 1st onwards, but I would prefer to finish my existing contract. I don't trust BG not to make a pig's ear of it if I leave within the 49 days.

    I believe  there is no fee for leaving an SVT scheme. Am I right?



  • EssexHebrideanEssexHebridean Forumite
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    That's correct. As soon as you roll over on to the SVT your fix is over and any exit charges that would have been applicable (until that final period already mentioned) no longer apply. 
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    Thank  you

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