Trying to End a Sky TV Contract

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I am posting this so you can make up your own mind whether to get a Sky Contract or not.  I am still receiving threatening e-mails, the last of which informs me that my details are being passed to a debt collection agency.  I will not be renewing my Sky Contract.  I have changed my name and account number in the following:


Dear Sir/Madam.

I received another phone call on Monday, from someone claiming to be from your company, wishing to speak to me about our old contract, which was on account [DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]

On 24 October I wrote to Sky Subscribers Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD.  In view of a postal strike, on 25 October I also e-mailed  The contents of the correspondence were the same, as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam,


Due to changing personal financial circumstances please terminate my Sky TV contract at close of business on Wednesday, 30 November 2022.

I understand that 31 day's notice is required, that the payment due on/around 14 November will therefore still need to be made and that following the end of the contract any overspend will be returned to me.   Note that once the payment due in November has been paid I will cancel the direct debit to avoid any potential mistakes.

I also understand that you will provide me with instructions (and presumably packaging) in order to allow me to return my Sky Q box and the two mini-boxes.

Many thanks

Yours faithfully

J Smith


On 25 October I received acknowledgement that the e-mail had been successfully received by you.

On 30 November I turned off our Sky box.  This and the two mini-boxes have subsequently been returned to you via Royal Mail, using the pre-paid returns procedure.   I have not had acknowledgement of receipt from you, however I do not know if you would acknowledge receipt, which is fine and in any case I have proof of posting and assume that the further strikes and Christmas may be causing delays, which is understandable.

I signed the posted letter and sent the notice of termination from the e-mail account registered with yourself, thus satisfying legal requirements regarding contracts within the UK, proving that I am indeed the account holder. 

Sadly, since then, I am having nothing but hassle from your company at what is a very worrying time for me and for my family.   Aside from numerous e-mails and phone calls,  someone also claiming to be from your company rang my wife and, despite being told that I had to end our contract due to our financial difficulties, tried to persuade her to enter into a NEW contract in her own name.  Words fail me.

I will put the following in very plain English.   I have no need or desire to speak to anyone.  The contract has ended, the equipment has been returned.  I am the account holder, this is the registered e-mail address.

If my wife and I get any more phone calls, or pointless hassling e-mails from your company, then this correspondence is going to be posted on as many social media/customer complaint sites as I can find, without any comment made on my part, so people can make up their own minds whether or not to do business with your company.

Please just refund us any monies due and stop contacting us.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully



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    Why not just phone them up to cancel the mess around posting letters and sending emails?
    What you described wouldn't put me off taking out a contract with Sky, and i'm sure the majority will feel the same.
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    Sounds like you cancelled in a weird way.  You should have just phoned them and cancelled. 

    As this is a money saving site would be useful if you could provide information of what discount sky are offering you to return to them. Could be useful if people want to reduce their sky bill. 
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    You wrote that you received another phone call.  Does this mean you have received a number of calls?  Have you answered them or have they left messages? 

    Would appear that a phone call to Sky should sort this out.
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    Sky is easy to cancel, I did it myself recently to try and force a new offer at the end of my contract. 

    If you have a TV contract then you can cancel via your screen account using your remote. You can cancel via your account online and if like me and was hoping they might give you a discount to stay you can phone up . I was very surprised how quick it was, I phoned and was put through to an automated line within minutes (I was expecting a considerable wait), that automated message had an option to cancel via the bot by confirming cancellation, or speaking to customer services. I spoke to customer services who couldn’t do anything for me, but said I could go onto a 30day rolling contract at the same price as I am paying, plus the advertised increase, and suggested I tried again in a month. 

    OP what were you trying to achieve by using snail mail? 

    However, as you appear to have returned the equipment and had your letter acknowledged I would just hang onto all that correspondence and proof in case they try anything odd later. 
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    You don't mention this in your message but I assume you are outside your original contract period?
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    Aside from numerous e-mails and phone calls,

    Waht are these about?
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