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Carflow Parking Fine - Not able to pay for parking


I have read the newbies thread but before I send off the template response I just wanted to check in here first.

I received the fine via mail, as there was a number plate recognition camera in place.

I tried to pay for my parking when I arrived but was unable to do so via their website using my credit card. When I inserted my CC details into their website i recieved an error message from their site. I took a screen shot of this message (see attached). 

I tried using a different card but got the same message (but did not take a screenshot of the 2nd error message).

Thinking that the payment system was broken (there is a cash payment machine onsite, but I didn't have cash with me) they would not fine me so I parked and went into town for a few hours.

Alas a few weeks later I got the fine in the post.

Can I use the screenshot of the payment error due to their system in the appeal? or should I use the templated version.



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    Don't use the template for Carflow.

    Write an honest appeal saying who was driving and attaching your evidence, and offer to pay £15 to cover the DVLA look up and the automated PCN letter cost, plus the £2 (or whatever) you tried hard to pay.

    They'll probably cancel and accept that.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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    @shundeez please read through the PCN you received and point out to us where it mentions the word "fine"?

    You've received an invoice for an alleged debt. Nowhere does it mention the word "fine". It is only a "fine" in your mind, possibly because you are a victim of this scamming parking industry.

    This is simply a civil matter. Nothing criminal about it. No "fines", just invoices and alleged debts.
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