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Tried posting this in another part about reclaiming money but not sure where is right. Still find the site abit hard to nagivate 

I have sent my irresponsible lending complaint to the financial ombudsman. They have came back to say they wont look at it as barclaycard refused as i was over the time limit, they said they then looked at it to see if my circumstances were suffice to take me over the limit and they decided i would have had enough time 😞 gutted and feel beyond annoyed at myself and upset. Its alot of money in question and would have been in my best interest to get this sooner rather than later its not like i was just too lazy. 

I have had mental health issues since 2012, my daughter was born january 2021 and i was diagnosed with severe post natal depression, given a nurse at the house, heavy dose of antidepressants, health visitor for longer than normal and i am a full time carer for my partner who has autism, depression & suicide ideation. 

Financial ombudsman have said they are not withholding complaint as i stated i was unwell when i contacted barclaycard initially so they are assumining althought unwell i would have had reasonible time to also send it to them.  I have until 28th feb to tell them if i accept and if i dont accept it will be passed onto a senior ombudsman.

I dont know what to do? They said my medical evidence will make no difference. Totally deflated


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    Hello - I'm sorry your post hasn't had a response

    It does seem you have done all you can but have timed out.  Hopefully a poster with more experience might come up with some options, but maybe not 
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    You have 6 months in which to refer a complaint to the FOS.

    That time limit is not flexible, unless the circumstances are exceptional, they obviously think yours are not, so that`s the end of the road for it, you can ask a senior ombudsman to look at it, but it`s likely they will come to the same conclusion.
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