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Hi guys, really appreciate a bit of help please.
bought a new 2021 9th gen yesterday.
set up ok.
registered in wife’s Apple ID, as old one was.
she doesn’t do techie stuff.
I set up my aol email , it’s the only one I use.
however, for some reason, I cannot attach anything to an email, no attachment on email when composing one.
cannot send photo from photos, or screen shots ?
I downloaded gmail app for wife, as wife’s Apple ID is her gmail address.
can do all on that ?
if I want to send a photo or screenshot to anyone, I have to send it via wife’s gmail app, or send it to my aol email and then I can forward it to anyone.
Appreciate any advice please.


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    In iOs mail , click on the mailboxes, then the aol one, then click on write, it should say from [email protected] in the cc/from . When i say click i really mean prod with the most touchscreen friendly finger you have 💅
    🍺 😎 Still grumpy, and No, Cloudflare I am NOT a robot 🤖
  • joesoap1264joesoap1264 Forumite
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    Hi D, thanks for reply.
    I have my aol email a/ c, no paper clip to attach anything to !
    got my wife’s gmail a/c , paper clip there , so can attach  anything to .
    just downloaded my gmail a/c , no paper clip there, I did this to see if clip was there.
    SO, there is only one of the three , emails on the iPad that I can send an attachment on, my wife’s, which is the one whose Apple ID is her gmail address !
    can only assume it’s because Apple ID is allowing only her email to attach to ?
    security reason ??
    didn’t have any problem on old iPad Air, which packed up last week.
    attached to mine and her gmail a/ c.
    Only ever use my email address on all mail etc.
    her email address was put on years ago , as ID,because I bought it for her, but she never used it, 
    still doesn’t.
    wonder if I change Apple ID to my aol address will work ?

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