Being harrassed for someone else's debt

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I am getting repeat phone calls, landline and mobile and texts from the Moorcroft company asking for a Mr Kevin ------- something or other, can't make out the surname, sounds foreign.  Never heard of him, he certainly doesn't live here !  There has been no written communications so I'm assuming they don't have an address for him so its obvious they have been given a wrong telephone number - mine !!  The text cannot be answered, so I phoned them back in desperation, and asked them if they were  debt collectors as they didn't say in the texts and recorded phone calls, they said they could not confirm who they were, so I said well in that case I cannot confirm anything either  goodbye !
One hour later two more texts arrived, this is getting beyond a joke.  I'm a retired, disabled lady and don't need this sort of thing.  I find it strange though that they  have my mobile number and landline.  Any advice please ??


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    Next time they call, state clearly that they have the wrong number, that you have never heard of the person they are looking for, and that they are to remove your number from their records. Then block the number. If they call again, from a different number, repeat what you have told them, that they have been asked already to remove your number, and any further contact will be treated as harassment.

    On the texts, just block the number each one comes from. Hopefully they will eventually run out of numbers to text you from! 
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    Firstly just block the number which is calling your mobile, then get a call screening device for your landline,  some phone service providers this free of charge.    Is there someone you can ask to help you with this, is not try Citizens Advice or Age Concern.   In the meantime don’t engage with the caller in any way, just hang up.
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    Moorcroft are a debt collection agency, yes.

    Advise above is good, block the numbers, you really don`t want to engage with them over a matter which does not concern you, as it only leads to more frustration when they won`t listen to a word you say.

    If you contacted them, there would be a data protection issue, as the details they hold obviously would not match with yourself, to move forward with this, you would have to divulge your identity, something you don`t want to do under any circumstances.

    Apart from the nuisance angle, the calls and texts are harmless, and you don`t need to worry about them, there is no way this alleged debt can be pinned on you, so don`t worry about that aspect.

    If anything should arrive in the post for this chap they are chasing, again, don`t engage, pop back in the post box and mark it "not at this address".

    Information is sold all the time, your phone numbers may have been sold on a list from somewhere, or perhaps have been recycled, there are lots of ways to glean information.
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    Thank you all for your comments and advice, very helpful.
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