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Lowest spec phone I can use for banking/music/podcasts



  • RumRat
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    I agree with keeping your existing phone....If you buy an older one you will need to replace it sooner, so it's a false economy and as said, it won't do anything to improve your willpower.....Donate the money you were going to spend on your replacement to charity...
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  • Emmia
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    edited 10 February 2023 at 5:18PM
    If you want to cut down on your use of apps, you should just uninstall the apps from your existing phone.

    And why not donate the money you would have spent on an old / lower spec phone to charity / your daughters computer fund?
  • JGreenwood
    tbh I really don't know. Most phones don't come with such simple capabilities and either the google play store or app store will always have temptation. I'd just stick and uninstall everything you don't need. I don't think changing your phone is the answer.
  • Emmia
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    edited 10 February 2023 at 5:59PM
    I think part of your difficulty is the fact you want to still be able to access WhatsApp, banking apps and spotify - a phone that runs those is also able to run Instagram, etc so uninstalling and willpower are the only options. 

    If you don't want any apps / can go without, then a basic feature phone would be the way to go e.g.

    Nokia 105, 1.8 Inch S30+ Feature Phone with 4G Connectivity, 128MB + 48MB Storage, 1020mAh Removable Battery, FM Radio (Wired and Wireless Dual Mode) and 3-in-1 Speaker - Black https://amzn.eu/d/edl0RYA

  • debitcardmayhem
    Buy a nokia 6310(or other non-smart phone) you obviously need the phone, a phone is a telephony device in/out calls + sms . Wow I  remember getting my first one , played games on my C64 and there was no social media on phones it was called go to the pub/shop/yoga class(what's that??). If you wan't the things you are trying to not be dependent on leave them at home, take your dumb phone out with you oh and the battery lasts longer.
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  • beckstar1975
    I acutally have a 3310 the issue is my 82yo mum will only whatsapp, as will my kids, and I often need to shift money around/pay kids lunch money etc during the day when I'm at work hence needing (plus am on Starling so no web version available). I think my thinking is that for what I'm actually 'allowing' myself to do my phone is far more high spec than it needs to be thus can free up some of the money from it (2 of the kids at least will need new phones this year). It's also part, and this sounds silly, of the fact that we have set up so much of our house to run by Alexa/Google (lights, heating etc) and yet our electric bill is huge. I'm trying to make us all more analogue and hope it saves some funds too.

    You've all given me plenty to think about though, thank you

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