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Posting on behalf of friend 

She lives in an annexe of a large house and pays the landlords in cash each month ( rent includes all bills ).
No tenancy agreement only verbal. She has driving llicence and doctors registered to that address
She is 6 months pregnant and her maternity pay is only 6 weeks full pay,6weeks half pay then onto statutory pay
Would she be entitled to any housing benefit etc  , as although she has lived at the address 3 years the landlords don't want it declared


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    It's no longer possible to claim housing benefit for help with any rent unless you're either living in supported or temporary housing. She maybe entitled to Universal Credit but it will depend on her circumstances. If she has savings/capital of more than £16,000 she's excluded from claiming. If she lives with a partner they'll need to claim as a couple.

    To claim for help with any rent through Universal Credit then she will need to give proof of her liability to pay rent such as a tenancy agreement. (any help with the rent will not include any bills)

    It's a little odd to rent from a private landlord without any formal written agreement.
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    Even just a lodger's agreement would be enough, if the landlords are that set on flying under whatever radar.
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