Lidl Plus code scanning warning


Just a warning about this app - when you scan your card, the fact that the scanner beeps does *not* mean your QR code has been successfully scanned, so be sure to check your receipt asap.

I discovered this only when I happened to notice that my 10% Coupon Plus voucher was still active when I thought I'd used it. On checking I found that my digital receipt was completely missing.
I have 'Digital Receipts only' enabled as it cuts down on paper waste and it's a lot easier to search for individual transactions rather than rummaging through old paper ones.
I called Lidl who were very helpful, extended my voucher period and confirmed that it was a known issue. They said that darker screens made recognising the QR code more difficult, to disable auto screen brightness and that the beep does not necessarily mean the code has been scanned successfully. Doh!
I'm not sure this was my exact situation though as I've found that the app brightens my screen when the QR code screen is showing.
Either way I've disabled my Digital Receipts only from now on! Shame as it's a good idea.


  • I nearly always regardless of beep or not ask the cashier "did that go through alright"..... It's a yes or no..... It tells them on there screen
  • Cornucopia
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    edited 7 February 2023 at 4:54PM
    I usually check that the total has reduced before paying - on self-service, the total displayed changes once the Lidl App has been accepted.   With a staffed till, I usually let them tell me the total before swiping the App, and they then tell you the new total.

    The other issue with the Lidl App is forgetting to activate the vouchers.  I'm not sure I understand why the vouchers need to be activated at all, and I've started just activating all of them even if it's unlikely I'll use them.   
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    No self-service in my local store so you can't tell the before and after totals. AlsoI normally just wave the app as I pass the till.

    I can see that I'm now going to have to modify my behaviour and come across as a micromanaging/OCD/elderly person by prompting the checkout person.
    "Has that gone through dear?"
    "Are you really sure?"
    "Are you really really sure?"  etc.

    Still as customer behaviour I guess it beats emptying a purse full of coins onto the till and hearing the exasperated sighs from the rest of the queue ...


    And yes, voucher activation appears to be just another tripwire that adds no value to the consumer. It doesn't even work as an aide-mémoire by ordering the activated ones first i.e. minimising the need to scroll.

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    I also have digital only receipts on the app but every time they offer me the paper receipt, in Morrison's at the self checkout they offer the option to have a receipt I always press NO but it worries me that they might ask for a receipt if a buzzer goes off and I haven't got the receipt.

    In Lidl I only get the money off codes for items I want not those I would have purchased on a whim that I might use it. The items I look for in the weekly discount codes are wash tablets, shampoo and shower gels  
    Someone please tell me what money is
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    Well take your receipt then.
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