Warning: Another phishing email, but it's not a Nigerian prince this time.

I received the below message (copied directly from the email) on Wed 01/02/2023 from Mr. Gabriel Frimpong <[email protected]> It's clearly phishing and I have reported it to Microsoft (as it was sent to one of my outlook/hotmail accounts) as well as the FCA and NCSC. I shall of course not be responding to this and have deleted it, but thought you should all know.

Message reads:

Nice to meet you!

I'm contacting you with great confidence. My name is Gabriel Frimpong. I am a banker and a regional manager of a bank. I am 54 years old. I have put together a financial transaction that will benefit you and I.

As the head of financial control, it is my duty to send a financial report to my head office at the end of each annual general meeting.

At the end of the 2022 Annual General Meeting, the branch where I am in charge of financial control received a special profit of [US$7,500,000.00] and I have since deposited this fund without any beneficiary in what we call "escrow suspense accounts".

As the head of financial control of the bank, I cannot connect directly to the fund and that is the reason I have contacted you so that you can receive the fund into your bank account for both of us to share based on our agreed percentage.

The fund will be shared 50% for you and 50% for me. This excess profit is due to the over-payment of invoices made in my branch over the past years.

I want you to stand as the original depositor of this fund so that my bank can transfer the fund into your designated bank account.

As soon as I receive your response indicating your interest, I will forward more details about this deal to you so that we can move to the next step.

If you follow my instructions smoothly, then there is 100% guarantee that the fund will be transferred successfully to any bank account of your choice. I will guide you to the successful end of this transaction.

I am waiting to hear from you as soon as you read this mail.

Thanks, and remain blessed.


Mr. Gabriel Frimpong.

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