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For the past 20 days i have been trying to call SP but am unable to speak to a person. The main issue i have is that a debt has appeared on our pre-payment meter for over £100. We have never used Emergency credit and NEVER been in debt. We moved in to the property in 2014. I emailed SP and they said the debt would have been added when the fuel increases came in. Is that correct? My Mother has exactly the same Tariff with SP and Pre-payment meter but there is no debt on hers. I also asked about our usage as we have a 2 bedroom bungalow with few electrical items running and our daily usage is between £5 and £6, My Mother has a 4 bedroom house with many more items running and her daily usage is between £1 and £2. I am concerned the debt on my meter could have been there for a while and unknowing to me, I have been paying. I am not sure what to do or who to speak to as the 03452700700 number for SP disconnects after a lengthy time in a queue


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    Welcome to the forum,

    Did you load a large amount onto your meter before the April increase?

    Never heard of it happen, but there were supplier that said they might add the additional rate increase in arrears at the next top up at new rates. Never really heard that this been done, but would explain what they told you.
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    Hi, Never really loaded up my Meter. Have always put money on when i could afford it  but the most i have had on the meter is around £70
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