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British Gas Cancelled Bills Involving Adjustments

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  • nobby1963nobby1963 Forumite
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    I’ve had the same issue with BG since joining them after Neon Reef went belly up, the BG billing system that we as customers can see online is terrible in my opinion.
    The ‘ live ‘ balance that you see when looking at your account online doesn’t correspond with the detail below, when a monthly direct debit is taken on a given date, it shows as a payment but not off the balance ( I’m not totally sure now if it might even be the other way round - shows off balance before showing up as a payment, sorry doing this from memory ) .
    If you have any kind of adjustment, credit or change of DD or query, then they cancel a bill and it shows as ‘ Reversal ‘ and often it can’t be reconciled with what you think should have happened.
    Personally, when the 2 ongoing complaints I have with them are settled, I shall be off, now other suppliers seem to be accepting new customers.
    Without a shadow of doubt, BG are the worst utility company I have ever had the displeasure of having to deal with.
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  • crashedandcoolcrashedandcool Forumite
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    nobby1963 said:
    Without a shadow of doubt, BG are the worst utility company I have ever had the displeasure of having to deal with.
    Yes I'm of a similar mind, but not for a while. Their online system and automated system is one awful thing, but most of my problems have come from asking an CSR agent to do something and they make a mistake. This seems to happen constantly and you get left in limbo having to argue to complain or word it the way you way. I actually got a one line reply from them saying there was not a problem without addressing or explaining anything I'd complained about.

    In regards to transaction history I can no longer see it in the old system and the new systems history is rubbish. It doesn't show goverment refunds or any refunds apparently and also doesn't show a credit from the old system. But since all the mistakes are in the old system there is nothing I can look at.

  • dharm999dharm999 Forumite
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    I had similar issues, when they moved me to their new system.  For some inexplicable reason, the credit on the old system was refunded, rather than moved to the new system, no idea why, I didn’t ask them to do that.  Problem is they didn’t refund the credit to the bank account they take the monthly DD payment from, so I have no idea where it has gone.  I raised a query, and two months later, they still don’t know what has happened, just useless.  I will be changing as soon as the issue is sorted.
  • roseviewroseview Forumite
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    Did this get sorted? I've got the same sort of issue on the bill I received today. I seem to be missing the amount of my previous credit balance.
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