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Newly Bankrupt few question

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edited 24 January at 10:49PM in Bankruptcy & living with it
Hello all, 
Have recently applied for bankruptcy and I was approved on 16/01/23. 
Today I received call from OR just double checking my budget and to inform me I won't have IPA. However this phone call was very brief no much questions asked, only about my childcare and few other expenses and income.
Then I received email confirming  I won't have IPA. ( I Don't have spare income anyway) 

1st questions : shall I expect another phon call from OR ??? Or this was it ?? Bit confused here as I expected longer phone call with more questions and potential explanation etc ...
I like to add that I received email from insolvency with few details and to inform me about 3 forms to be sent to me , to sing up and send back asap. 

2nd question : 
I have car on HP , over phone OR asked me about usage of car ( I need for school runs and for my partner work traveling and quite often to look after my parents mother ),  OR was no further interested in this subject.
What will potentially happen to car ?? 
I did contact my HP company and I can carry on paying for it until fully paid in another 6 months but wondering what will happen after,  will car be automatically claimed by OR ??? 
Would it be better off to give car back to HP company ??? 
Perhaps sale care and settle HP agreement and potential surplus use to buy cheeper car ??
How best approach this situation ?? 
I like to add that car is more used by my partner than myself, but unfortunately is on my name, same time my bankruptcy application include our bills and expenses as one family. 
Car is around 3.5k market value and 1.2k on hp at moment. 
Just to add paying off my HP won't change my budget much I will still not have any surplus money as our budget is very tight as it is for now. 

I will appreciate anyone who can advise me on my case and perhaps provide more details what to expect now. 


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    Yep, once confirmed no IPA that`s the job about done.

    If they didn`t mention the car, then I would assume they have no interest in it.

    However, if you want a clear answer, give the OR a call and ask, that`s the simplest way, as we can only speculate on here what there intentions might be.
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