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Bit of a pickle... This hadn't even occurred to me until recently. Caught end of MLMS with the self assessment bit, and had that sinking feeling!

Partner earns just a shade over £50k following a pay increase. He thought it was recent as in since April 2022, but isn't certain...if salary tipped over £50k before April 2022, we're stuffed aren't we, because of the deadline? I had thought we had plenty of time if we're looking at April 22-April 23, but if the higher salary fell in 21-22 we're going to miss 31st January. 

So now I'm thinking how best to get this sorted - we get child benefit for two children and I'm expecting we need to pay a tax charge or opt out.  Is there anything we can do to avoid a penalty at this stage? Call HMRC??

I'm so annoyed ...I earn half what partner does on 4 days a week, and also do the household bills etc, but this is one thing I can't sort! I find it so confusing :/


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    Better to check on ‘Cutting Tax’ forum.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Some rules may be different in other parts of UK.
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    What deadline?  What penalty?

    Has he been asked to complete a Self Assessment return?

    I suspect not and you have completely misunderstood the timeline for this.

    The important thing to do now is to check what his adjusted net income is (that's what HICBC is based on).

    A key factor in that is understanding which method is used to get money into his pension.

    Net pay
    Relief at source
    Salary sacrifice
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    Its not worth a panic. If he's only just over £50k, even on a net pay basis the charge will be minimal as its based on a sliding scale for repayment.

     The simplest way is to complete a tax return, all can be done online and if he is on PAYE most of the information he needs will be on his P60s.
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    What does hi s-60 for 21/22 show ?

    Alternatively, he could check his online personal tax account which should show the details.
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