== Questions on American express cashback and plutus cashback? HELP

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I am looking to maximise cash back offers. At the moment I am with AMEX standard card which gives me 1% cash back on retail purchases. I have come across an offer from topcashback which say I get 5% back for linking my AMEX to their website on all spendings in Sainsbury (where I shop a lot).

Questions 1: Has anyone else used this offer? Does it work? Whats the catch?

I have opened plutus debit card which pays 3% cash back on spendings up to £250. + 1 active perk £10 per month on chosen supermarket (Sainsburys).

Questions2 : has anyone used this offer? Does it work? Whats the catch?

Final question:

Which of the offers should I use? Or is there a better offer to maximise cashback?


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    You need to be careful to ensure you are buying from a reputable company but there are discount gift vouchers/cards for mundane stores like supermarkets available. You can buy them with the AmEx to layer the cashback with the 5% off face value etc. The one thing to be careful is that some have experienced buying giftcards being treated as a cash advance so fees and no cashback... never had this personally with AmEx but the company I use (you need to be employed with certain companies) sells multiple things and so lower risk than a dedicated giftcard company.
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    Any more ideas pls?
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