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Second charge registered

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Mbd58Mbd58 Forumite
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Good morning. I had a second charge registered against my property in 2008 in favour of Egg Finance. I'm trying to sell but cannot get a settlement/ redemption figure. The debt has been sold several times and is now with Cabot but they cannot locate the account. I'm now in danger of losing my buyer. I understsnd that the Land Registry must be cleared before sale but what if this account can never be located and what is an acceptable time frame to wait for it to be resolved? Any advice would be greatly appreciated 


  • Stodd101Stodd101 Forumite
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    I know Barclays and Yorkshire Building Society took over Egg accounts maybe worth checking with them, when my mum died there was an historic (50 year old ) charge on her house, took a bit of work but nationwide who had taken over from their original lender managed to find and remove it good luck
  • sourcratessourcrates Forumite
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    You can also ask the Land registry rep for advice on the "charging order the myth" thread on the DFW forum.
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    Hi, agree with Stodd101 above. You may be able to get some info from Barclays or Yorkshire Building Soc.

    Those deals only happened about 11 or 12 years ago so there should be some records still available?

    Worth a try, maybe.
  • Mbd58Mbd58 Forumite
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    Hi all, thank you so much for responding. I've tried Barclays - no joy. I didn't realise Yorkshire or Nationwide were ever involved so that might be worth a try? I've contacted the Land Registry and they said that they only have the same information that's shown on the printed version, so basically the original debt holder and the claim number.  I found the thread, thankyou. I have emailed my solicitor the information. Very interesting, particularly as the mortgage is in joint names but the debt was not, so fingers crossed :) 
  • mcpitmanmcpitman Forumite
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    Nationwide have nothing to do with Egg legacy accounts.

    Credit card back book was sold off to Barclaycard.
    Mortgages and loans were sold off to Yorkshire Building Society.

    Which debt vehicle produced the charging order?
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