Hi all 

So I've just set up to do overpayments and the first one will be taken in march. Our mortgage is 396 a month and we will be overpayinf by 620 a month so making total of 1016 a month..
Now when I set it up if said I could only over pay by 325 on the until further notice option but I could set up the 1016 for a set date which I picked for 2 years time which will be a month before our mortgage deal ends and needs to get a new rate. 

So if things crop up in the mean time as I am trying to lose weight so we can try for a baby as I have pcos so may make it difficult o have one. Anyways if we were to have a baby and needed funds for that would we be able to stop the overpayments despite saying pay till a set date? 

We will also be using extra savings to pay off credit cards which 0 percent  deal doesn't and for a couple years so we will pay that off before the new mortgage deal and also start to put that aside when the credit card is paid off. I'm not stressing over the credit card as I know it can be managed. 

We were paying the mortgage overpayment and savings to another credit card which is paid off this month so i rather use the 600 to the mortgage. 

Anyways so would we be able to stop the overpayments if needed.
Mortgage free wannabe 

Actual mortgage stating amount £75,150

Overpayment start date 1/3/23.

Starting balance £66,565.45

Current balance £63,787.16


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