Is Ziffit any good?

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I've got a whole collection of CDs I want to get rid off as they're taking up too much room. I've heard of Music Magpie and Ziffit and was wondering how they compare. I did do a selection of scans and found Ziffit did offer more but also did reject more than Music Magpie.

Also, can anyone recommend the right size of box for sending multiple CDs, say 20 at a time.


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    Ziffit are pretty good, in my experience. Generally, imo you will almost always get more cash than music magpie.

    Just occasionally though, they have not paid out for one item on the grounds it 'wasn't included'. however, given that I am 1001% sure it was definitely in the box, and packaged between other items that they clearly did find included, I find myself wondering -- once I can forgive as a mistake, this has happened with 2 of my last 3 trades. 

    As for boxes - I tend to recycle amazon boxes if there are any around. if not your friendly neighbourhood supermarket is also a possible.
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    I have used Ziffit multiple times. They pay better than MusicMagpie in most cases and they also take books.

    However, as above, one of my DVDs evaporated into thin air once.  Like many, it happened to be the highest value one which I know was added to the box.  Any complaints raised is futile as they won’t admit it was stolen.  

    That aside, it’s still a nice way to clear space but they can be fussy on what titles they accept.  MusicMagpie are less fussy but pay next to nothing for most.  Quite hard to reach the £5 threshold but Magpie also take Tech.

    I find Ziffit’s criteria and pricing random.  Sometimes they will accept a title but other times they will not and the price varies depending on what order you scan.  Seems the first few titles you add will be more lenient so I think their system can pay a bit more for titles they won’t normally take just to get you started on the first few items. 

    I believe I’ve managed to get over £200 from my books and DVDs with them.  Had to be a bit creative and do multiple trades as that was the only way to get some titles accepted.

    btw, I think they are the same company as WeBuyBooks. 
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