Radiator drain valve advice please - 10mm pipes

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Hi folks,

All our downstairs radiators are drop feeds and none had drain off valves. I am gradually replacing and upgrading the pipework and draining the system down is a pain to say the least! 

This weekend I have swapped to radiator valves with a drain off where I can (Angled Radiator Valve Drain Off CP 10mm | Toolstation), but there are 2 rads that I can't do. The existing valves are simply too close to the wall and there is no space to put the larger valves on.  So I have been looking at alternatives and see if I can add something like this:

Drain !!!!!! 15mm | Stopcocks | Screwfix.com or Self-Cutting Drain !!!!!! Type A 15mm | Stopcocks | Screwfix.com

The problem is all the pipework is 10mm, all surface mounted.  As I replace each rad I am hiding the pipes and using 15mm for the bits that are on show but in the meantime I can't find anything that I can use on the existing 10mm. 

Could anyone help at all please? Is there a way to do this or a product that I am missing in my google searches? I don't mind what it looks like as these will eventually be replaced. I need to drain down again a couple of times over the next few weeks and want to make it easier if possible.

Also, before I twigged about the lack of drain offs I was a bit of a numpty. I added a lovely vintage column radiator with some pretty brass valves without thinking of draining it down again. I want to keep these in place, so can I just add this Drain !!!!!! 15mm | Stopcocks | Screwfix.com  to one of the 15mm sections? I'm not sure if that is the right product though.

All comments appreciated as always. Thanks. :-)


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