Is it just me?

Is it just me
I miss the old days when this competition site was normal comps,not social media ones like Twitter, Instagram etc which are the vast majority now across the board.
I love this site been on it for years and won some fantastic prizes over the years,don't win anything really now.

Just my opinion obviously love all comps


  • JamboDP
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    It is probably more cost affective for companies to use social media for their comps.

    I hate instagram and cannot get my old head around it. F/B and twitter are all I can cope with and hate sharing.
    I do it just for fun and whatever I win is a bonus
  • mjm3346
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    You probably need to go back well over a decade to get to the days without social media competitions. SM comps provide more publicity for the spend and probably have a higher percentage of the type of consumer they want to attract.   
  • I also loved the good old days when entries were postal or just online and I used to win some prizes.

    I don't have/use instagram/snapchat and the other things and so don't enter them at all, just skip past them.  Although I understand that sometimes they can receive thousands of entries for very tiny value prizes so don't feel I'm missing out..
  • My wins were incredible 20 years ago and for a long time after. Now I don't always even get the prize if I win it! 
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  • Surfermom
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    I agree, I really miss the good old days of form filling and regular wins. Hardly win anything these days, have had some fab wins over the years but these days there don't even seem to be that many really good prizes on offer. 
  • 1trainer1
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    My wins were incredible 20 years ago and for a long time after. Now I don't always even get the prize if I win it! 
    This 100%, I have won two decent competitions in December, so far not received either, I am trying to give the companies the benefit of the doubt but I have reservations

    I tried to justify it by saying postal strikes and Christmas rush but now we are in the middle of February I am no closer

    A few years ago I was very lucky as I won a few holidays and very good prizes but recently not much
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